VMDO Networking Breakfast

April 29, 2020

Love the VMDO’s work ? Those four letters stand for the Victorian Music Development Office, and this power house team truly support and empower the contemporary music industry in VIC.

They’ve been running their Networking Breakfasts for a few months (maybe a year?) out of White Sky Music‘s office in Collingwood. As soon as the pandemic hit, they deftly translated their event into an online¬†affair. I had the pleasure of joining today’s Twitch session, and it was incredible that they were able to recreate the IRL experience online in a way that truly provided value. (I.e. not a bunch of faceless peeps feeling very disconnected while watching a webinar.) The VMDO split us off into Zoom breakout rooms for networking (got deep into a conversation about the state of live music venues), had a beautiful Welcome To Country by their First Peoples Business Manager, and an engaging panel discussion followed up by ample question time.

So with all of this in mind, I’m very excited to be taking part in their next VMDO Networking Breakfast on Wed May 13 on behalf of Bolster!

I’ll be taking a deeper look at how social media/media demand and consumption has shifted during COVID-19. I’ll explain how music businesses can use these insights to not just survive but actually thrive during this period of downturn. My presentation will cover not just social media platforms, but also usage of other entertainment channels like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify. Co-presenting with me is Leesa Snider from Achord Agency. Sign up here.

BRB finding my best sweat pants for my first at-home Zoom public speaking engagement!


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