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December 2, 2013

One of my favourite sites at the moment is Medium, and today I read this fantastic piece on the site entitled Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it? by Alice Marwick. She discusses the downsides of our technology-obsessed society. Here’s a fantastic quote (of a quote):

As Auren Hoffman, CEO of the reputation management firm RapLeaf, stated in our interview: “If you were an employer, and someone applied and they didn’t have any activity on social networks and that person was 23 years old, you’d think they were the Unabomber. You would be really scared to meet this person without even a bodyguard. I don’t even know if that person exists.”

Alice also interestingly notes how individuals can piece together information from separate networks about the whereabouts and activities of our friends in such a sophisticated way it is absurd. As a single girl in the dating scene, I can say that I have definitely been guilty of looking at a guy’s Twitter, and then his Instagram, and his Facebook page to figure out where he’s at and then breathe out a huge sigh of relief realising he’s hanging with his in-a-relationship-and-almost-a-bro female friend and not a date. I swear, I’m not creepy and, uh, the updates popped up in my news feed one of the twenty times I refreshed Facey.

Anyway On a different note, check out Medium as a website on its own. It’s the brain child of Ev Williams – that dude who had something or another to do with Twitter and Blogger, and by something I mean FOUNDED. He’s pretty phenomenal. Medium’s a great blogging platform that ties in with your Twitter profile beautifully. It also has a unique publishing/writing system that allows for seamless collaboration. I haven’t personally written anything on the site, but love the collections and editor’s picks.

(My other favourite site is, a fantastic collection of non-fiction pieces. Check it!)


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