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May 8, 2020

Bolster ambitiously (and successfully, might I add) rolled out a full day conference last year in Sydney and Melbourne. It was a day packed with keynotes, workshops and panel discussions around music, audiences, community building, tech, social media, advertising and brand marketing. We rolled out a full session in Melbourne and went back for seconds in Sydney a couple of days later.

I presented two different talks at Side B: Cultivating Communities (about fandoms, communities, and how brands can get in on that action) and a State of Play (where we’re at with consumers, advertising and tech). I also had a nightmarish trip back from Sydney where our flight was delayed a billion hours and my plane seat was covered in something that could have been blood or jam or both. (Oh the days of interstate travel, I miss you yet I really don’t at the same time.)

Since it’s going to be a while since we get to hang out in large groups again, Bolster are doing what we do best – innovating and adapting. We’re proud to announce that we’re doing Side B again, especially at a time when people need it most. We’ve also made it free and on Zoom to be accessible for anyone (not just Bolster clients in Sydney and Melbourne). Side B Sessions will be coming at you with a one-hour session per week, and a mix of guests that’ll include Bolster and industry leaders.

I’ll be co-presenting the second Side B Session, an updated state of play (since so much has changed since we presented this last in October). I’ll be Zooming into your respective home offices/bedrooms/kitchens/bathrooms with my Bolster peeps on Tuesday May 19. I’ll specifically be covering off how media demand and consumption has changed (and why), and how the consumers of 2020 are showing their love.

Sign up for it here, plus find info on some of the other sessions we have planned. See you, can’t promise I won’t be wearing sweat pants during the Zoom keynote!

Side B Sessions #2

Side B Sessions #2: Digital state of play is tomorrow ⚡️All the rules have changed since our last keynote, so Paige X. Cho and Cat Rewha will be taking you through the current COVID-19 climate. Sign up here.

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