Open House Melbourne’s most excited volunteer

July 14, 2014

…would possibly be me.

I am a huge nerrrd. I love things about architecture and history, and dinosaurs and space and literature. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything that really ticks off all those boxes, but Open House Melbourne definitely covers off Melbourne’s colourful history and marvellous architecture.

I will be a volunteer on the PR and Program Selling team, and colour me TICKLED PINK. If not for my enthusiasm, then for our amazing and intense volunteer uniform that matches my hair (ahem, Fudge Paintbox Raspberry Beret). Imma give Barbie a run for her money. Not 100% what I’ll be doing, but presumable wandering around, selling the official programs.

Give the Open House Melbourne crew some love on Facebook, Twitter and Insta. The non-profit initiative is part of the wider Open House Worldwide network. The event is over the weekend of July 26 and 27. Following the happenings with the hashtag #Curiocity.



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