New Twitter format will look shit for 80% of people

April 24, 2014


Or so I think.

Today, Twitter announced it was rolling out the “new web profile experience” globally. I hit the ON switch. It’s… m’kay.

You can see from my Twitter profile (here or click on the screenshot above for a bigger view) that everything is huge and shiny and visual. Custom backgrounds are no longer a thing on profiles (still available on your feed for the time being). The main visual is a whopping 1,500 pixel wide cover image across the top. The Twitter team are proud of the fact that tweets can be pinned to the top (woo, everyone can forever know that on Jan 27 my bus was late and I tweeted about it) and tweets can be filtered. Also, updates that have received interaction from others are now stupidly large.

The cover image I’ve used is a picture of me dancing on my bed, taken on a tripod with a timer (blog post about the image here). It looks okay, but I’m sure that with some extra time/if I cure my current laziness I might be able to conjure up something a bit more beautiful.

The new layout will work a treat for people like me (who are photographers/illustrators/have access to Adobe Creative Cloud) and for brands with a graphic design team.

Problem? The average user doesn’t. Joe Bloggs will have some shitty 800 pixel-wide iPhone snap blow up so huge that the pixels will look like post-it notes. Jane Smith will steal someone’s pic off WeHeartIt. I think websites need to remember that the typical user doesn’t have access to stock image sites or a personal photographer.

Looking forward to seeing lots of blurry pet photos.



P.S. Cool things about the new design I do like: a stream for tweets the user has favourited, how the cover image looks when it’s in the side bar (above) and the date joined information in the profile.


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