New look site, soooon…

April 23, 2014

I’ve been a busy girl! I’ve redesigned my “logo” (sounds daft and wanky calling it that but you know what I mean) for this site and am currently also in the process of having the layout changed.

Hopefully everything will be changed over on Monday, but in the mean time here are some failed ideas that I designed but weren’t quite right! The metallic gold scale design in half of them took me four hours to paint… which is why I tried so hard to make it work. The rune-inspired logo is a bit half-baked in the version below but it was kinda meant to look like this. The glitter image in the mock-up was based on hand lettering by me but everyone seemed to absolutely hate it.

paige logo rune dirtypaige redesign bebas background 1_ pink_triangle

paige redesign bebas background_blk

paige redesign bebas background 1_ pinkyellow

Paige website redesign_raw_darker_1

LOGOmock up silver glitter



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