New creative space!

February 24, 2014

I recently sold my bedroom couch for $40 (thanks, Gumtree!) and purchased a new desk for exactly $40. Yes, I know it was weird to have a couch in my bedroom and it never got used because I also have a lounge room… Anyway, getting side tracked here.

The thing is I now have a dedicated computer desk in my room (for writing/blogging, photo editing and graphics design) and then a whole new desk just for painting and illustrating. It makes it so much easier to be creative when I don’t have to spend five minutes putting away all my other crap just to sketch something out.

And here are some little random things I’ve been working on lately from my new creative workspace!

I have some explaining to do…

January 21, 2014

You’ve probably noticed a massive influx of photography-related blog posts… which is fine except that I am and have been primarily a writer for the past five years. I feel like I should explain before everyone thinks I’ve had a head injury that’s caused me to magically pick up photography but destroyed my ability to string a few words together.

I’m still contracted at Collabforge, working as a Content & Community Manager. My role involves a ton of writing and social media management. A large chunk of my writing for this contract is related to the Federal Government and written anonymously. I don’t feel comfortable posting it here, but hit me up if you’re interested in hiring me as a freelance writer and want to have a peek privately.


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014

Hi peeps!

I am so pleased with how 2013 turned out. I won’t lie – there were many, many moments where I thought everything had taken a turn for the worst. Yet here I am, happier and more on track with where I want to be ultimately than I was last January.

Over the past twelve months I moved… TWICE. But after a horrible stint in an interesting share house, I’m now living in a giant apartment by myself that is my home base, my creative playground and my personal rancho relaxo.

I quit my job at Get Glossy because I felt that I wasn’t going anywhere career-wise and really missed the music industry. (Don’t get me wrong – I love that place and the team so much that I spent NYE with a few GG girls.)

It was also the year I decided to fully get into photography and learn how to use my camera properly. I’ve been lucky enough that the absolutely stunning, gorgeous and lovely girls at Two Halves have let me shoot them quite a few times. It’s been so rewarding watching their blog grow as my photography skills have been improving. In other creative news, I got back into painting, drawing and doodling after years of letting my art diaries go dusty.

I also had the chance to play two beautiful camping festivals and hit the recording studio with my band, Darts. Fingers, knees and eyes crossed that our album will be out this year!

Huge thanks to all the lovely folks who inspired, helped and worked with me in 2013. Looking forward to more exciting things to come in 2014! Enjoy this terrible, horrible ABBA video.

P.S. Sorry not sorry for the OTT cheesy post. It had to be done.

Social Media Marketing 101 with Friends of the Earth

December 12, 2013

I did a super intense, ultra concentrated walk-through of social media marketing for non-profit organisations on Tuesday for Friends of the Earth. Was great to talk about the real value of looking into your page’s Facebook insights, and then some top line guidelines for the best copy and image practices for the social media platform.

Probably won’t make too much sense without me talking through it, but my presentation is up here. Shout out if you’d like me to do a tailored seminar or walk-through for your organisation!

Status Anxiety & Cool Sites I’m Loving

December 2, 2013

One of my favourite sites at the moment is Medium, and today I read this fantastic piece on the site entitled Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it? by Alice Marwick. She discusses the downsides of our technology-obsessed society. Here’s a fantastic quote (of a quote):

As Auren Hoffman, CEO of the reputation management firm RapLeaf, stated in our interview: “If you were an employer, and someone applied and they didn’t have any activity on social networks and that person was 23 years old, you’d think they were the Unabomber. You would be really scared to meet this person without even a bodyguard. I don’t even know if that person exists.”

Alice also interestingly notes how individuals can piece together information from separate networks about the whereabouts and activities of our friends in such a sophisticated way it is absurd. As a single girl in the dating scene, I can say that I have definitely been guilty of looking at a guy’s Twitter, and then his Instagram, and his Facebook page to figure out where he’s at and then breathe out a huge sigh of relief realising he’s hanging with his in-a-relationship-and-almost-a-bro female friend and not a date. I swear, I’m not creepy and, uh, the updates popped up in my news feed one of the twenty times I refreshed Facey.

Anyway On a different note, check out Medium as a website on its own. It’s the brain child of Ev Williams – that dude who had something or another to do with Twitter and Blogger, and by something I mean FOUNDED. He’s pretty phenomenal. Medium’s a great blogging platform that ties in with your Twitter profile beautifully. It also has a unique publishing/writing system that allows for seamless collaboration. I haven’t personally written anything on the site, but love the collections and editor’s picks.

(My other favourite site is Narrative.ly, a fantastic collection of non-fiction pieces. Check it!)

Time to Freelance Over Xmas

November 29, 2013

I tend to get a bit excited about Christmas, so I decided to put my Christmas tree up on November 22nd. Okay, I get overly excited. Here’s a terrible Instagram picture of my waist-high tree.

In other news, the Collabforge office will be shut for a couple of weeks of the holiday season so I will have a tiny bit of spare time on my hands. Hit me up if you’d like some freelance writing, social media, publicity or marketing help.

Exciting/exhausting times

October 28, 2013

I always know things are getting awesome/exciting if I’m feeling pretty beat by the time midnight rolls around… every single night. That, or maybe I’m having too much fun on the weekends.

Either way, I started a three-month contract role at Collabforge two weeks ago as Community & Content Manager! My title is pretty fitting; my role encompasses content creation, content curation, managing the digital community, engaging with the community offline (read: EVENTS!) and creating e-newsletters. Check out my new office digs below. Sweet, huh?


A large part of my job is related to government policies… which means that things are very different compared to my time at Get Glossy! Instead of writing about eyeliner tricks, celeb gossip and flirting tutorials, I get to delve into Australian politics and academic theories. I know it might sound a bit drier to some, but this was definitely the change I was looking for after almost three years of dealing with consumer brands.

I also have other goodies in the pipeline. I’m helping a digital music store set up their ‘social media camp’ so to speak, and have decided to embark on another hobby blog adventure. Oh yes, and did I mention I’ve been doing some ghost writing?! All will be revealed very soon.

Well wishes…

October 22, 2013


New role!

October 20, 2013

My last day at Get Glossy was on Thursday, and I started my new job on Friday! No rest for the wicked. It’s a three-month contract at the moment and I’ll fill you in with more detail soon. I’m pretty excited about the role in general, and pleased as punch too because I’m allowed to do freelance writing and music stuff on the side. Now… to get some sleep because I do far too much with my life!

P.S. The super duper amazing GG team also got me the most amazing going away presents.

Farewell, Get Glossy!

October 10, 2013

This is some very huge news that I’ve been sitting on for a while… I’ll be leaving Get Glossy after 2.5 wonderful years with the team. My last day is next Thursday and I am half excited, half nervous and a tiny bit terrified of what the future will bring! Working with Pete and Maria has been absolutely amazing, and I’ve learnt so much about digital marketing, social media and agency processes. Over the past couple of years, my clients have included Australis Cosmetics, Tony Bianco Shoes, John Frieda Hair Care, Bioré Skincare, Mode Cosmetics, Wittner Shoes, Liptember, Biozet Attack, Baby Bunting and Tetley Tea.

I’ll be starting work with a new company on Friday as a community manager – no rest for the wicked! On top of this, I’ll be freelancing again in social media marketing, writing, sub-editing and music publicity again. My first client is the Bendigo Hotel, whose social media I managed for some time before Get Glossy. Very excited to be working with the tequila-loving crew again so stay tuned. If you’re interested in getting a quote for an ongoing or once-off social media or writing job, get in touch with me here.

Anyway, here’s a video of the Get Glossy HR officer Rory (the dog!) and our office rabbit. Going to miss both of them so much!


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