Thank you, Open House Melbourne!

August 10, 2014

OHM_certificate of appreciation_Paige ChoAs you all (maybe) know, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to anything related to Melbourne, architecture, history and any combination of those three things.

I volunteered at Open House Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, and yes, I was one of the girls selling event programs inside the shipping crate at Melbourne Town Hall (check it!). Getting thrown right in the midst of all the activity and buzz was awesome, and I got to work alongside some truly lovely folks. And then an elderly man dressed as a tram inspector gave me a half penny from 1909 for answering a history pop quiz correctly. But maybe that’s a story for another time.

On top of selling books and pointing people in various directions, I also won a building ballot and got to walk on the Melbourne Central roof top and inside the Glass Dome. Can’t wait for next year.

(P.S. To everyone who complained that they didn’t know about the ballots or volunteer sign-up, subscribe to their e-newsletter via their site here.)


Open House Melbourne’s most excited volunteer

July 14, 2014

…would possibly be me.

I am a huge nerrrd. I love things about architecture and history, and dinosaurs and space and literature. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything that really ticks off all those boxes, but Open House Melbourne definitely covers off Melbourne’s colourful history and marvellous architecture.

I will be a volunteer on the PR and Program Selling team, and colour me TICKLED PINK. If not for my enthusiasm, then for our amazing and intense volunteer uniform that matches my hair (ahem, Fudge Paintbox Raspberry Beret). Imma give Barbie a run for her money. Not 100% what I’ll be doing, but presumable wandering around, selling the official programs.

Give the Open House Melbourne crew some love on Facebook, Twitter and Insta. The non-profit initiative is part of the wider Open House Worldwide network. The event is over the weekend of July 26 and 27. Following the happenings with the hashtag #Curiocity.


Professional Pervin’

May 26, 2014

Here’s something to bring out your inner competitor. LinkedIn has just introduced a new feature that allows users to see how they rank against their connections in terms of profile views. It’s a percentile score, and it is quite telling.

The ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ feature is great for seeing who is looking at your profile (and what organisations and industries they represent) as well as the raw number of how many users are having a peep… But context makes a huge difference. If a recruiter who uses LinkedIn to find candidates for work gets 40 views in a week, this isn’t as impressive as a blogger who is still quite small on the scene.

Here’s the official lowdown from LinkedIn’s blog and the TIME Magazine wrap up. LinkedIn’s vid below.

Know me? Add me on LinkedIn!

Social media for nature

May 19, 2014

Twitter has always been a favourite of mine. Facebook is nice for staying up to date with friends and lovers, but Twitter is for connecting with the WHOLE world.

Apart from the crazy, strange and often drug-fuelled tweets my celebrities (ahem, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and company), there is a whole other side of Twitter. The side where crowd funding campaigns can go viral, political movements can advertise rallies, governments can send out vital info about natural disasters and important news can be instantly reported by citizens.

Here’s an interesting one I stumbled across today:

And here’s an example pic:

The only issue is that loads of people are so amused/impressed by the initiative that they are reposting images of the sign with the #morganfire02 hashtag, diluting the actual results on social media channels. It appears that they must manually approve the images that go up on the actual monitoring site though. Key learning: tell people to not post images of the sign with the hashtag.


Record for Record Store Day Records

April 28, 2014

I have a confession to make: I don’t own a record player.

My audiophile mates all insist I should only commit to some ridiculous set-up for quality purposes. The concept makes sense to me, the price tag not so much. As a result, the only vinyl I have is a Damn Terran 7″ that I awkwardly co-own with my ex. He’s had custody for the past 12 months. Maybe I should complain…

Anyway, despite all this it thoroughly pleases me that this year’s Record Store Day was the most successful. Doesn’t surprise me because more stores and musicians seem to be getting involved, and more consumers (ahem, wallets) have heard of it. Figures show that vinyl album sales were 58% up from last year’s Record Store Day, and sales for CDs and tapes also got a boost from previous weeks. More stats from Tonedeaf.

My only gripe is that it fell on Easter Saturday when everyone (myself included) was out of town, but fortunately next year’s event lands on a different weekend. Visit the Record Store Day Australia site, and its international sister here.


A playlist to work by

April 28, 2014

Someone at The Hub asked me what I listen to when I work, so here I go. I have a few Spotify playlists but my favourite is //yph (I have a very weird method of naming lists, mostly in personal code so I’m not going to bother explaining that). It’s a collection of 272 songs, coming in at over 15 hours of choons with more being added. The songs on here are mostly in the realms of surf rock, garage, grunge, alternative and lo-fi. Also I’m a lazy ass and input entire albums (hey, they’re awesome from start to finish) so maybe make friends with the SHUFFLE button.

The only song that I *really* want to be on here is Conduit For Sale! by Pavement. I love this song and the album Slanted and Enchanted isn’t on Spotify, so here you go. (As much as I hate finding music off YouTube like this since the artist does not get paid. Another argument for another day.)

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Moving Places

March 8, 2014


I’ve been freelancing/contracting/not-sure-what-the-legal-term as a writer for Collabforge for the past few months, and the team is moving from Carlton to the Melbourne CBD! I’ll be working out of Hub Melbourne on Bourke Street, right near Southern Cross Station. I love being directly opposite of Carlton Gardens, but also really looking forward to working being in the city again.

Goodbye, money! Hellooo, yummy take-out lunches!

Horns & Vids & Vimeo

February 28, 2014

I had the Vimeo staff picks stream open on my computer the other night and this video came out. Rad song, amazing video.

CANDICE GORDON | Sound of Horns from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

New creative space!

February 24, 2014

I recently sold my bedroom couch for $40 (thanks, Gumtree!) and purchased a new desk for exactly $40. Yes, I know it was weird to have a couch in my bedroom and it never got used because I also have a lounge room… Anyway, getting side tracked here.

The thing is I now have a dedicated computer desk in my room (for writing/blogging, photo editing and graphics design) and then a whole new desk just for painting and illustrating. It makes it so much easier to be creative when I don’t have to spend five minutes putting away all my other crap just to sketch something out.

And here are some little random things I’ve been working on lately from my new creative workspace!

Polyester Girl

February 24, 2014

It’s a (semi) sad day for me. Polyester Records on Flinders Lane (with its big, shiny red dot window) is my favourite place to buy CDs, and it was announced on Tonedeaf today that they’ll be shutting its city doors.

There’s a silver lining in every cloud though. The owners have said that they are closing the more expensive (and newer) city branch to concentrate on its original Brunswick Street store and its online operations. Hoorah. Realistically the Fitzroy shop is actually walking distance from my house so maybe this will force me to wander around Brunners more.

Anyway, how great is this song?! The video on the other hand…

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