New role as Label Manager @ Shock

July 21, 2014

Announcement time! I started my new job as Label Manager at Shock Records a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more stoked.

While I’ve never had the exact job role as label manager, I feel like this position will be perfect for my experience and skills (both within the music industry, and outside). It’ll give me a chance to blend my love and passion for finding new music (Paper-Deer) with my skills in writing (pretty much every job I’ve held over the past few years, but I guess mostly Beat Magazine/Furst Media & Paper-Deer), marketing & promotions (Get Glossy, Paper-Deer, Valleyarm), client management (Get Glossy) and the nitty gritty of getting releases out (Valleyarm). As Label Manager, I’ll be working closely with Label Director Mick Tarbuk, and National Publicity & Promotions Manager Georgina Thompson.

P.S. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll unfortunately stop actively pushing Miasto Creative as a result of this. I do love photography though, so I’ll definitely do a few weekend photoshoots here and there for fun, but mostly for fashion. (Which I think translates to mostly Two Halves shoots – damnit, I love those two girls.)

P.P.S. If you’re interested in seeing what I’m listening to, check my Twitter feed or Spotify (but please excuse any guilty pleasures that may come up, ahem, like, Milkshake by Kelis). Below is my surf rock/indie/grunge ‘lite’ playlist if you’re too lazy to click about.

Paper-Deer URL change

May 22, 2013

Way back in the depths of time (i.e. clearly October 2011), I used to be Editor of a music blog called Paper-Deer. I had a team of about fifteen totally awesome Melbourne peeps reviewing gigs and records, and shooting gigs. I had to put it in hiatus due to my job at Get Glossy* but I’ve kept the website up for everyone’s Internet-viewing-pleasure. Just a heads up that the URL has now changed to!

* There’s just wasn’t enough coffee in the world to keep me running a constantly updated blog and replying to 600 pressers… while working full time at full capacity for a marketing agency on the other side town.

Susy Blue music video launch

November 6, 2011

A while back, my blog Paper-Deer was offering a lucky Melbourne musician a chance to score a free music video thanks to an offline creative group I was part of called Motive Melbourne. A very talented music artist by the name of Susy Blue won the competition, and we began work on the film clip. This was a couple of months back, and many chai lattes ago…

Working behind the scenes with Susy at The Toff. Photo by ta-DAH! photo.

Meeting up at various coffee houses around Melbourne, we came up with an initial concept for the clip. We put our heads together to figure out the venue, props, extras and funding, and somehow it all came together. The majority of the video was shot in Melbourne’s gorgeous venue The Toff in Town, and the extras were mostly friends of the crew who all happened to just have super awesome costumes in their wardrobes. I was briefly in the clip (look for the orange haired girl with a Bowie-esque star on her face) as well as taking on the production manager duties for the day… which mostly translated to yelling orders at extras and eating lots of cucumber sandwiches when I could. (Photos from the shoot here.)

Working with Susy was amazing – it was rad having such an appreciative musician who helped out with the creative side as well as forked out some of her own cash (for things like her own band’s costumes and catering). A huge thanks to everyone at Motive Melbourne and to all the extras for helping out. I’d definitely put my hands up to work on another music video again!

The Melbourne film clip launch was yesterday at The Evelyn, but if you missed it check out the video here:

Levels of stress, going down…

October 16, 2011

I posted the final Paper-Deer post last week. All I have to say is that I am incredibly sad… but also amazingly relieved and relaxed. As to whether this ‘indefinite hiatus’ is permanent or more of the John Farnham-variety, I’m not sure.

A nap for Paper-Deer

September 28, 2011

I’ve decided that Paper-Deer should go on a hiatus (read the Farewell note I wrote on the blog).

I have been thinking of doing this for some time, but officially decided that Paper-Deer should have a bit of a break last week for a number of reasons. I guess the biggest one is that I originally started the blog to get more editing experience and to add to my portfolio so I could increase my chances of a writing/editing job… then it kind of took over to the point where I actually turned down paid a few paid editorships solely because it would be conflict of interest and I didn’t want to give up my baby. I also feel like I’ve been working non-stop since I moved to Melbourne in 2006 and haven’t had a chance to really relax and enjoy life. And one of the other main reasons is that I’m totally loving my job (at a marketing firm). After a while, coming home from work and having to edit a huge list of articles, read through 100 pressers and co-ordinate a handful of interviews started becoming a chore. And my mother says if something starts to feel like a chore, ditch it. Apart from the housework obviously. (My mum is a very clever lady.)

I have already emailed a lot of my music industry contacts who were involved with the blog, and all of my contributors too, but I’ll say it again here: thanks for all of your support with the blog! I’ll definitely keep the blog live for some time so it’ll be up for everyone to see even though we won’t be active. If you have the burning desire to contact any of my contributors or to ask me any questions, feel free to contact me!

Farewell… Sorta…

Home, Sweet Home!

September 27, 2011

I’m on the move!

I know a lot of people in the music industry (and otherwise) have been sending demos, CDs, pressers and other materials to my current apartment in St Kilda but I am moving. If you feel the urge to send me lovely parcels with free stuff, please send me an email to request my current address. If you want to send me letter bombs, anthrax or notes of abuse, feel free to continue sending them to my old address ;)

Free stuff!

July 13, 2011

I’ve been posting giveaways on Paper-Deer’s Facebook page for a while but I decided to make a prize giveaways page on the actual Paper-Deer website. It’s great because now all the giveaways are in one place and then I don’t have to worry about flooding the website’s Facebook fans with updates.

Check out the new giveaways page.

A thank you is in order

June 13, 2011

This post may be a little bit late but I wanted to say thank you to Lix at Wealth & Hellbeing for doing this website for me! She also did the website for Paper-Deer. If you call yourself a musician, a publishing company, writer or recording studio and are in need of artwork, visual promotion or a neato website, I would highly recommend you get in touch. (And tell them I told you to!)

InDesign + Paper-Deer!

June 12, 2011

I am excited. Not only because it is a long weekend (which would be exciting except I don’t work an office job anymore so I had tomorrow off anyway) but because I’m enrolled to do a short course in Adobe InDesign at CAE in the city starting next week. This means I’ll be able to format the press releases I do rather than outsourcing to a designer (which sometimes adds times onto jobs).

The other exciting news is that the name “Paper-Deer” has finally been registered as a business name. I know this is something I should have done months ago, but it’s done now. So if you wanted to start a website called “Paper-Deer” trading in Melbourne… bad luck.

My obsession with QR codes

June 9, 2011

I first heard about QR codes a while ago but didn’t really think about using them because I only had an iPhone 3G (not a 3GS) that could barely support any of my existing apps… Then I recently got an iPhone 4 and started scanning every single QR code I could find. My mother told me about some chef who paints QR codes onto cakes and food. And then I saw this awesome video about some cool guys in Hong Kong using them for music industry marketing and it blew me away:

Amazing stuff. So while I didn’t really have the resources (creative ability to make cool shapes, or a team of people to help me plaster the city with sticker bombs/posters), I did put together my own QR code campaign on a much smaller scale for Paper-Deer. Here’s the QR code I generated…

Which I then printed on stickers (QR code only) and flyers (with some text about how awesome Paper-Deer is or something…)

And the codes would lead the user to a landing page on the Paper-Deer website about folding their own paper origami deer. I made sure the post looked okay on mobile phones (the only issue is if people are on very small data plans because there are lots of photos). The plan is they hopefully find it very quirky then play around with the origami and perhaps check out what the whole site is about. People who use QR codes are more likely to be aged 18 – 35 (my blog’s key demographic) and by placing the stickers at tram stops in inner-city suburbs and near music venues I’m hoping to target music lovers. Some flyers have been placed in record stores. Some more flyers will be made soon. Here are some, ahem, pictures of illegal activity.


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