September 8, 2019

Another year, another BIGSOUND, another post-BIGSOUND cold ? Here’s my annual list of highlights and discoveries in Brisbane with my Bolster fam.

  • Cloudland 1, Paige 0. I smacked myself pretty hard by walking face first into their full length toilet mirrors. (I do this every ?? single ?? year.)
  • Johnny Hunter were so excellent that I saw them twice. Thanks to Taylor at Bolster for that suggestion.
  • My BIGSOUND WTF session on how ads are targeted went well. Cloudland is definitely the swankiest place I’ve ever spoken at. Everyone is still convinced that Facebook is illegally listening to their phone conversations to target them. (I might swallow my words if some scandal comes out about them doing this, but no, Facebook does not do this.)
  • Boy Azooga were the only band on my must-see list, and they did not disappoint. Please someone book them for a festival so they can come to Australia again.
  • Other musical highlights: The Dianas, Ainsley Farrel, Stellie, Mojo Juju, Upside Down Head, Electric Fields
  • Espresso martinis are not for me. (Please remind me next time I reach for one.)

Here’s to (an espresso martini-free) BIGSOUND next year!


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