An update on Miasto Creative (and my life)

July 3, 2014

Life never quite pans out the way I plan it.

I decided in mid-2013 that I was well and truly over working for consumer brands. Peddling eyeliner, tea bags and diapers to the masses is really not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working at Get Glossy. My clients were some of the loveliest people in the world. The GG team also knew me SO well that they played my favourite song (Pony by Genuwine) instead of singing ‘Happy Birthday’, and got me a sticky date pudding birthday ‘cake’ (because everyone knows that sticky date pudding is the best thing ever). How many office workers can say that?!

But I was sick of it. I was further and further away from my number one obsession (ahem, music). I quit and mapped out what the next 12 months of my life would look across my bedroom wall.


Plan A was to get another job in the music industry, and all I could really do to make this happen was to keep an eye out for jobs and network. The jumble of sticky notes pictured above was Plan B, my way of making a job for myself in the music industry if no one would hire me. This turned out to be Miasto Creative, which I officially got off the ground last month after a lot of time spent on setting up the site.

So obviously the universe decided to offer me a job back in music just after I launched Miasto Creative. I’m not going to complain about the timing though. I’m super excited about this new role, and I’m going to seriously roll back my time spent on Miasto Creative. I might do a couple of shoots here and there for fun if they come up. On the plus side, my photography skills have improved so much it embarrasses me to look at pictures I took six months ago.

Will blog about the new role when everything is locked in and I’ve actually started, so stay tuned.

And a little side note…

I’d also like to point out that I’ve spent October until now at Collabforge, working with some of the loveliest and nerdiest people on the planet. They are absolute sweethearts.

I haven’t blogged about Collabforge much because most of their work revolves around public policy, civic engagement and change management/collaboration within organisations… A far cry from the general creative chaotic companies I’ve worked for, but interestingly they’ve taught me so much. I’ve learnt about lean start-up methodologies, strategy (talking proper strategy here, not half-baked documents to please clients), management practices and problem solving methods. Check out their work here.


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