50 Months Later

April 13, 2016


Huzzah! I made it a goal in March 2012 to blog at least once a month… And here we are, 50 months and 260 blog posts later. I set myself this goal because I’ve always subscribed to the SHOW, DON’T TELL school of thought. I can’t put down blogging as a skill, or list my experience with WordPress, or claim to be a ‘digital native’ without some proof.

I have been blogging at least once a month about things that interest me around the music industry, updates with my career, happenings with my band, nerd-outs over technology, examples of my freelance photography work and other ramblings for over fifty months now. A big cheers to the random 100 people who actually check back here each month. Good to know that people other than my parents think I do interesting things to earn my keep.


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