Hessian street style

June 28, 2014

Recently did a bunch of street style pictures for the uber cool magazine Hessian.

The gist of the publication is that being pro-sustainability doesn’t have to be shit. You don’t need to subscribe to typical environmentalist stereotypes, which fits in with my belief (and relief) that being environmentally conscious and being an ethical consumer is much more prevalent these days. (I know I’m only 26 but shush. I watched Captain Planet as a child.) Read about the mag’s philosophy here.

The Melbourne street style pictures were for its blog rather than the print component. I was tasked with visually documenting our city’s finest dressed citizens, and asking them a couple of Qs related to sustainability. Not going to lieI did feel a bit like the Terminator, scanning crowds of people. “Too mainstream. Child. Wearing a suit. 7-Eleven uniform. Lamp post.” And then if I did find a suitable subject, I had to figure out how to go up to them in a casual way without eye-fucking them in the ten metres leading up to my greeting. Not being creepy is a lot harder than it sounds, despite being a fairly non-intimidating female.

The other interesting challenge was creating rapport with complete strangers. Everyone else I’ve snapped has always turned up specifically to be photographed (with the exception of drunken party pics). It was hard gauging whether people walking down the street were busy or happy to have a chat, and there were definitely a few babes waiting for a tram that I avoided specifically for this reason. Models I’ve worked with in the past joke about my bossiness (“LAUGH! LAUGH! SMILE! NOW SMILE WITH YOUR EYES! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! CHIN UP, CHIN UP!”) but I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to yell out complicated commands to complete strangers humoring me. It was all a very interesting experience, but I’m happy with how the photos turned out.

Anyway, one of my ‘subjects’ was Caleb. A couple of pics below, but head here for more pictures and the interview. Will blog again as the team publish more for your internet viewing pleasure.

DSC_0917_edited6DSC_0881_edited2 DSC_0906_edited5


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