Hate With Friends

December 10, 2013

Yeah, I’m friends with her. Or Facebook friends actually, because I’ve only met her once. At a party. When I was drunk.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said the above in a conversation. We live in an interesting world where it is totally common to feel very ‘connected’ to someone you’ve only met once or twice through mutual friends. You may be totally unlikely to interact with again in the real world… but hey, you see what muesli he’s eaten through Instagram and know he likes your band on Facebook so you’re completely tight.


Anyhow, while I’d openly admit to not being super close to many my Facebook connections, I definitely don’t hate any of them. That’s what the ‘unfriend’ button is for. So I find it particularly odd and, erm, hateful that there’s now a Tinder-inspired website by the name of Hate With Friends that lets you select which of your Facebook friends you actually hate. They won’t find out unless you both indicate a mutual loathing for one another. This is a great example of social media gone wrong, but you know what they say: haters gonna hate.

Here’s the TIME write-up about it.



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