FB QR code, easier to force people to friend you?

February 21, 2014

Have you ever met someone crazy cool and you’ve both tried to find each other on Facebook… and failed miserably? (And not the 10 other times some weirdo you’ve just met and want to get away from is insisting you accept their friend request instantly. Awks.)

I discovered an interesting feature on the Facebook Android mobile app: a personalised QR code you can pull up on your phone’s screen. It’s huge and all the other person needs to do is scan it.  Apparently Android’s have had it since last year. Exhibit A & B:

Brownie points because it’s near the friend requests and suggestions section on the Facebook app AND it has a QR code reader option. Now the next time some creep whips out his phone to add me, here’s to hoping he has an iPhone.

P.S. Let me use this opportunity to express my rage at the fact that phone manufacturers hae not made QR code readers inegrated with their phone’s native camera app. There’s an iPhone hack but still.


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