Facebook ads make your page worse (not better)

February 17, 2014

Facebook advertising is the bane of any social media account manager. Ask anyone. There’s so much involved: writing copy, finding images, formatting/resizing said images, getting the creatives approved by the client, INDIVIDUALLY LOADING THEM ALL UP and targeting them (this is the worst part), keeping track of which ones are going well, pausing poorly performing ads, changing bids on okay/great ads, tracking your spend and then putting together a report for your client. It’s just one of the more unpleasant parts about being an account manager and, unfortunately, one that’s highly sort after.

I found this great video by Sydney YouTuber Veritasium about his experiment into Facebook advertising. Clever, interesting and definitely backed by my experience at various jobs. I did notice that reach and page engagement on my huge pages with large budgets (ahem, anywhere from $5,000 to $140,000) did decline dramatically even though the fan base had increased dramatically. I’m not even talking about these metrics as a percentage of the whole fan base. I’m talking raw figures.

A post that would have reached 20,000 fans and gotten 800 likes ended up getting a reach of 5,000 fans and 20 likes. It makes agencies look like baffoons when we promise our clients a certain amount of (almost) guaranteed likes per dollar and an obvious increase in engagement. This whole time we thought Facebook had rejigged its EdgeRank and that other similar companies had just simply upped their bids to a level that we couldn’t match (both still possibly true).

Facebook, if you’re reading this, please fix it! There are genuine advertisers interested in spending real money to connect to more of their real-life consumers online. I’d rather have a small page with an incredible loyal following and highly relevant conversations.


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