Late-night illustrations

January 23, 2014

Zzzz… So sleep-deprived lately. Have been doing lots of doodles.


San Fran

January 16, 2014

So this has pretty much cemented my desire to one day move to San Francisco.

Via this blog.

Convenient, Accidental Nature Photography

January 6, 2014

I was taking portrait photographs with a friend in Edinburgh Gardens the other day when I heard some birds literally behind my head. I was lucky enough that my camera was already on all the right settings because I’m pretty sure these winged creatures were this close to pecking out my eyes as soon as I took it.

NY Resolutions with Give It 100

January 3, 2014

Stumbled across a particularly interesting concept for keeping New Year’s resolutions on Peta Pixel… It’s called Give It 100, meaning you devote 100 days to doing/practising/pushing yourself that little bit closer to your dream. Didn’t practise? You have to donate $1 for every day you skip to a charity, and you need to upload video footage to prove you’re busy sweating it. Love it.

It’s the brain child of this amazing woman who taught herself to dance by doing it every single day for one year:

P.S. I particularly love this user-uploaded project. Gross fact about me – I bite my cuticles on my fingers when I’m stressed. Maybe I should give this a go…

Playlist Frenzy Fun Times

December 18, 2013

I realised two days ago that I need to make a Soundcloud playlist because: 1. I usually blast out tunes through Soundcloud when I’m painting, and 2. using a computer when you’re covered in paint is not fun.

Here’s my first stab at a noisy, painting-friendly, neighbour-unfriendly Soundcloud playlist. Enjoy at full volume.

Hate With Friends

December 10, 2013

Yeah, I’m friends with her. Or Facebook friends actually, because I’ve only met her once. At a party. When I was drunk.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said the above in a conversation. We live in an interesting world where it is totally common to feel very ‘connected’ to someone you’ve only met once or twice through mutual friends. You may be totally unlikely to interact with again in the real world… but hey, you see what muesli he’s eaten through Instagram and know he likes your band on Facebook so you’re completely tight.


Anyhow, while I’d openly admit to not being super close to many my Facebook connections, I definitely don’t hate any of them. That’s what the ‘unfriend’ button is for. So I find it particularly odd and, erm, hateful that there’s now a Tinder-inspired website by the name of Hate With Friends that lets you select which of your Facebook friends you actually hate. They won’t find out unless you both indicate a mutual loathing for one another. This is a great example of social media gone wrong, but you know what they say: haters gonna hate.

Here’s the TIME write-up about it.


You’re Doing It Wrong

December 9, 2013


Status Anxiety & Cool Sites I’m Loving

December 2, 2013

One of my favourite sites at the moment is Medium, and today I read this fantastic piece on the site entitled Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it? by Alice Marwick. She discusses the downsides of our technology-obsessed society. Here’s a fantastic quote (of a quote):

As Auren Hoffman, CEO of the reputation management firm RapLeaf, stated in our interview: “If you were an employer, and someone applied and they didn’t have any activity on social networks and that person was 23 years old, you’d think they were the Unabomber. You would be really scared to meet this person without even a bodyguard. I don’t even know if that person exists.”

Alice also interestingly notes how individuals can piece together information from separate networks about the whereabouts and activities of our friends in such a sophisticated way it is absurd. As a single girl in the dating scene, I can say that I have definitely been guilty of looking at a guy’s Twitter, and then his Instagram, and his Facebook page to figure out where he’s at and then breathe out a huge sigh of relief realising he’s hanging with his in-a-relationship-and-almost-a-bro female friend and not a date. I swear, I’m not creepy and, uh, the updates popped up in my news feed one of the twenty times I refreshed Facey.

Anyway On a different note, check out Medium as a website on its own. It’s the brain child of Ev Williams – that dude who had something or another to do with Twitter and Blogger, and by something I mean FOUNDED. He’s pretty phenomenal. Medium’s a great blogging platform that ties in with your Twitter profile beautifully. It also has a unique publishing/writing system that allows for seamless collaboration. I haven’t personally written anything on the site, but love the collections and editor’s picks.

(My other favourite site is Narrative.ly, a fantastic collection of non-fiction pieces. Check it!)

SurveyMonkey Contribute

November 28, 2013

Crazy! Apparently if you take random surveys on SurveyMonkey (i.e. ones that you haven’t been guilt-tripped into completing for a friend trying to get his PhD), SurveyMonkey donate 50 cents to a charity of your choice and you go in the running to win $100. Read more about it here.

(If I was unemployed, I would totally whittle away time doing this. But as life would have it…)


October 28, 2013

I came across this story through Mashable, and it is so sweet and heartbreaking, and actually brought tears to my eyes. (Yes, I am willing to admit that I am a total sap.)

Here’s the short version: a 63-year-old dad in rural Nebraska is dying of terminal cancer, and his son who works hundreds of miles away launches a social media campaign to help him feel connected to his father. As a child, Brian told Brandon his favourite colours was ‘sky blue pink’… the gorgeous mixture of colours that you find in sunsets. You can read Brandon’s original image explaining the campaign here.

The beautiful thing was that THOUSANDS of complete strangers all around the world snapped pictures of #SkyBluePink sunsets and tweeted, Instagrammed or posted these pictures to Brandon to help him through his battle. Thousands. And a local Nebraskan band by the name of Good Show Great Show even wrote a song called Sky Blue Pink… and it found its way to Brian & family. So beautiful

Brian passed away on August 13. x

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