BIGSOUND Itinerary

August 31, 2017

Headed to sunny Brisbane for BIGSOUND conference and festival next week. This will be my third time with the Bolster boys, the second time showcasing as a performing artist and my fifth time ever. Are BIGSOUND loyalty cards a thing?

Excited to be playing two super new DARTS songs* live (see also: nervous). Four BIGSOUND showcases all up. Dates below/over on our site here.

Both Bolster directors Anthony and Alex Zaccaria are doing panels at the conference too. Anzac will be talking about Data and the Independent Artist, alongside the likes of Stu Watters (AIR, Nightlife), Neil Robertson (Music Glue), Jared Kristiensen (Audience Republic) and Tom Deakin (Merlin). Alex’s panel will discuss if Music Can Float In A Flooded Multi-Media Landscape, with Leigh Treweek from The Music and others.

On the topic of Bolster + BIGSOUND, we’ve rolled out BIGSOUND Buzz again. Froth over it. (Our Creative Director Nicky made it real pretty. He makes everything pretty.)

P.S. I say this every year. I’ll say it again. I have terrible eyesight so I have trouble recognising people so please say hi if you see me because I probably can’t see you! And no, I will not get glasses. They gross.

See you (kind of) in the Valley.


* New songs! Distance = Infinity and Cinder Bloc, out now via Rice Is Nice & Inertia.


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