Snapchat Stories

October 6, 2013

I don’t love Snapchat, but I’ve got to say that I probably open the app about once or twice a day. I barely take sneaky pics myself (and definitely no nude pics)  but my friends are constantly sending me adorable images of fluffy dogs (once again, no NSFW snaps).

I do think the app’s new ‘Snapchat stories‘ is an interesting concept for getting users who don’t have puppy-loving friends to keep opening it, but doubt it’ll replace Instagram videos or Vine. If there’s something that doesn’t need to self-destruct after 10 seconds, why can’t it go up permanently on Instagram?!

Also their introductory video for it is confusing as hell. I thought it didn’t make sense to me because I first watched it first thing on a Sunday morning… but upon checking it out again it’s just a bunch of young, attractive people using the app and doesn’t explain the concept. I guess that’s why we have Mashable.


(Add ‘tigerburning’ on Snapchat to send me pics, but only if you’re amazingly hilarious.)


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