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Talking To Ourselves

October 9, 2016

As I mentioned the other day, Alex and I did a webinar on digital advertising last week! Here’s a link to the Crowdcast – I know you can definitely watch the replay if you RSVPed… Not sure if you didn’t RSVP ahead of time but try and see what happens ^__^

It was the first time I’ve ever done a webinar or talked to a web cam without someone talking back a la Google Hangouts or Skype. A bit weird at first but after Alex and I finished and turned to each other and said, “Well, that was actually fun.” Definitely helped having someone else there to chat through our curriculum – it would have been harder to be peppy and engaging solo. Also awesome to have people live streaming us from around Australia and asking us great questions.

P.S. While we’re on the topic of talking to large groups of people about what I do for work, I’m speaking on a panel at The 8 Percent in Melbourne on Monday. Updates on that next week!

@azac89 and I did an internet thing tonight 🤗 mid-@blstr.co-webinar selfie.

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Facebook Blueprint Certified

October 1, 2016

Facebook recently rolled out its shiny new Blueprint certification course, and of course I (and the rest of Bolster Digital crew) spent an arvo smashing the course. Achievement unlocked!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 6.19.14 pmIt’s wonderful that Facebook is finally rolling out short courses and exams on best practices around advertising and page management. Topics include reach & frequency buys, video advertising, lead generation, dynamic advertising and more. For the longest time advertising professionals had to largely teach themselves (i.e. me, randomly pressing buttons to find out what things to do for the past six years or so) or take short courses at third party companies and hope that the teacher knew what they were talking about.

Also removes the guessing work for clients trying to figure out if agencies really know what the hell they’re talking about. Because lord knows there are a lot of cowboys out there.

Masterclass, Round 2!

October 1, 2016

Alex Zaccaria and I are running a free webinar on digital advertising for music (specifically for music releases, tours, festivals and venues) next Wednesday evening. RSVP here! If you can’t make it, definitely RSVP anyway so you can be emailed the learning materials plus watch it post-event.

Alex and I actually hosted a Bolster masterclass at BIGSOUND last month (read more about that here) but it ended up being the first workshop at the conference to be fully booked out (talk about pressure). We had so many emails asking for a second workshop that we’ve decided to do it again!

BRB going to find some Madonna-style headset for this biz. P.S. Here’s me probably talking about Google Display Network banners (based on how bored Nicky & Alex look haha) at BIGSOUND.


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