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Oh, Canada!

January 11, 2016


So excited that I finally announce that Darts are going to Canada to play at Canadian Music Week in May!

I went to Canada very briefly (about 24 hours) when I was an awkward fourteen-year-old, so my only memories of Canada are: being moist at Niagara Falls, getting stranded because Buffalo Airport and… South Park. Pic of us sound checking at Howler by Timothy Casten.

My Year, According To Spotify

January 7, 2016


I got into Spotify in 2014 (sounds like I broke into a house), but 2015 was my first full year as a hardcore Spotifyer. No ads for this girl. Here are my stats from Spotify’s Year In Music site.

According to the Swedes, I listened to 620 different artists with the ones I obsessed over the most being:

  1. Speedy Ortiz
  2. Pixies
  3. The Peep Tempel

The albums I had on high rotation were:

  1. ‘Tales’ by The Peep Tempel
  2. ‘another eternity’ by Purity Ring
  3. ‘Foil Deer’ by Speedy Ortiz
  4. ‘Run The Jewels 2’ by Run The Jewels

I streamed 4,196 individual songs, but the ones that I really listened to on repeat like a psycho (private session, of course) were:

  1. ‘Dreams’ by Buzz Kull (I weirdly only listened to this song because I thought the art was ripping of Sleater-Kinney then fell in love with it too)
  2. ‘Puffer’ by Speedy Ortiz
  3. ‘Waystowe Kingston Men’s Home’ by The Peep Tempel (this song name is really hard to remember)
  4. ‘Blockbuster Night Part 1’ by Run The Jewels
  5. ‘Battle Royal’ by Ecca Vandal

Top genres (no fucking clue about number four?!):

  1. Indie rock
  2. Noise pop
  3. Nu gaze
  4. Aussietronic
  5. Lo-fi

Here’s to another year of listening to Aussietronic music…

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