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2015 in 25 bullet points

December 31, 2015

  • Made it through the year with 17 plants still alive as of December 31. #greenthumb
  • Had a blast working at Shock Records with the best music team.
  • Ate watermelon for the first time in my entire life and didn’t mind it.
  • Darts released an album that we’re proud of and people seemed to not hate it but I still feel a bit awkward about it all.
  • Discovered Star Talk Radio like a good nerd.
  • Started working at Bolster Digital. So happy to have landed a job with an awesome team/work space/sweet treats/clients/campaigns. Ate a cronut at work today.
  • Had lots of fun shooting Two Halves, who absolutely killed it this year.
  • Saw a blue cactus.
  • Started making my bed regularly. Know that’s weird that but my parents would understand how this is noteworthy.
  • Headed over to BIGSOUND in Brisbane for the third time, and the very first time as a performer with Darts.
  • Stabbed myself. And then got drenched in blood.
  • Played at the Corner Hotel. BRAIN MELTING.
  • Bought a pretty new lense!
  • Practised my resting bitch face on camera here. And here. And pretty much everywhere.
  • Went to four weddings and no funerals.
  • Got Google AdWords certified!
  • Have kept a gratitude diary for the second half of the year. Not going to lie – a lot of it is food and I’m okay with that.
  • Played at Paradise Festival again. Highlight was the rave (first floor) cave. Low point was sleeping on a slope.
  • Dyed my hair pink. Again.
  • After a failed attempt at hot yoga with my neighbour (read: not enough coconut water in the world to ever make me do that again), I started doing room temperature yoga at home thanks to the internet. Goal for 2016: be able to do a beautiful downward dog. I still suck a lot.
  • Listened to lots of new music. My top two picks here on Happy blog.
  • Volunteered at Open House Melbourne. Had fun telling people where they could and could not go. Felt like Gandalf.
  • Spent possibly too much time drawing/buying art supplies.
  • Was in Elle Magazine ^___^
  • Drove a car only once this year.




Running and jumping

December 7, 2015

Shoot I did with Mish for Two Halves up on their blog here. A few of my faves below, including my absolute favourite pic with Michelle floating above the tarmac peacefully.

DSC_0616_Edit DSC_0637_Edit DSC_0667_Edit DSC_0673_Edit DSC_0687_Edit

All black everything

December 5, 2015

New shoot with Kat for Two Halves up here! This one was also in the back streets of Richmond. Two of my faves below.

DSC_0980_Edit DSC_1034_Edit

Truly Paradise

December 3, 2015

Darts played at Paradise Music Festival year 1, back in 2013… and we were so stoked to get invited back to play at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort again this year. So rad seeing how much the festival has grown in the three years and hope it continues on until I’m an old lady.

Highlights included watching My Disco against a backdrop of blood red trees, having a bird-size moth chill with us on stage, watching everyone spill their paella (sorry, tiny bit of schadenfreude happening here), dancing with Jessie in Clubland (who insisted on trying to find Andrew every five minutes) and sharing our band bourbon with Leisure Suite. Also having a ridiculously huge crowd of babes watching us (see first pic below) was also very surreal.

Some of my shitty Insta snaps below. Some coverage of the festival as a whole on The Thousands and Poncho.tv.


A photo posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

A photo posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

A video posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

A photo posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

Bully @ Howler

December 1, 2015


Updated my Oysters Spotify playlist because… YES DARTS ARE PLAYING WITH BULLY. Thursday December 10 at Howler in Brunswick, along with the Rolling Blackouts. Tickets on sale here. See you all there.

P.S. the Oysters playlist only has gritty, punky songs by female-fronted bands… not that I think girls need their own separate playlist but because I had an argument with someone who felt that girls made cool music but it was all very limp wristed, bland and ‘nice’. I’d like to see someone call White Lung ‘nice’.

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