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Resort wear shoot

January 27, 2015

Another fashion shoot for Two Halves, and a bunch of extra freelance photography jobs for other blogs/brands in the work. Exciting times.

Did this in Michelle’s new swanky pad, on the balcony… which was actually a touch too small for my 50mm lense so there was a lot of me standing as far away from Kat as I could. Whatever. Sneak peek below. Full set on the blog here.

DSC_0015_Edit DSC_0061_Edit DSC_0067_Edit DSC_0113_Edit

First Two Halves beauty shoot

January 26, 2015

I’ve shot beauty tutorials in the past for a few cosmetics companies like Australis and Innoxa, but did my first beauty shoot for Two Halves a few weeks ago. Kat did the make up artistry, and Michelle did the sitting/modelling/face person-ing. Full blog post here, sneak peek below.

Have been hounding the fashion bloggers to let me shoot a beauty tutorial for them for ages, and the question was always where we would do it. The answer apparently turned out to be the front porch of my apartment. Who knew?

DSC_1431_Edit DSC_1552_Edit

The album, road trips and Rolling Stone

January 24, 2015

@DartsMusic in Sydney… Fuck, I just realised how accidentally coordinated we are ^____^ Photo by @laurenrpoulter.

A photo posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

We’re only four weeks into 2015 and it has been fucking hectic for Darts, in the best possible way.

We hit 1,000 Facebook fans. (Thanks, you guys.)

We stuffed ourselves/our gear/pillows/sour candy into a two-car convoy, drove to Sydney and played at Vic on the Park for Rice Is Nice’s Summer party. It was indeed a summer party – it was really hot and summery and I thought my keyboard was going to overheat. But sweaty faces aside, we think we put on a decent show.

Oh yeah, and Rolling Stone Australia put us on their list of top 50 things that will make 2015 rule. Ummm, yes. I will take that. Check out the album teaser below.

Avoiding people on bridges

January 20, 2015

Holler, all Fitzroy North residents!

Did a shoot on the little foot bridge behind Rushall Railway Station, the little walkway that connects Fitzroy North and Northcote over Merri Creek. Looks very serene in the pics, but it is a pedestrian bridge right next to a train station so there was lots of waiting around for cyclists and pedestrians to do their thing. Full set here, sneak peek below.


Alex the Canadian

January 10, 2015

I met a lovely Montreal filmmaker by the name of Alex last week, and he was nice enough to let me take his portrait. Man bun + French Canadian accent = winning.


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