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Summer styling

December 24, 2014

Things I love about summer: sunshine, crisp white dresses and flowers. Did a Two Halves shoot with Kat on my street, a couple of doors down from my apartment. Harsh lighting is super annoying 99% of the time, but this shoot just ended up looking perfectly summery and I really feel like a granita just looking at it. Full Two Halves blog post here.

P.S. Actually have another four Two Halves shoots to be edited and posted… so stay tuned!

DSC_1223_EditDSC_1191_Edit DSC_1242_Edit

Here’s something I prepared earlier

December 23, 2014

I was chatting to a mate a little while back about Instagram… or rather, how he should improve his Insta game for a brand he looks after on the social media platform. It was interesting because he thought that the idea of professional photographing and editing an image to be used on Instagram was bizarre, but maybe I just spent too long (three years, ahem) working at a social media marketing agency that I think it’s perfectly normal.

Anyone, took the following image solely for use on the Two Halves’ Instagram. Taken on the stairwell of Michelle’s phenomenal new apartment.

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P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of another shoot I did at Mish’s beautiful apartment. Full shoot coming soon-ish!

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2014 / 2015

December 23, 2014

Quick post to say thanks to everyone who has been involved in my life this year.

The biggest ‘hell yeah’ moment for me was getting back into the music business after a 3-year hiatus, most of which I spent at a social media marketing agency. The funny part was that the day I accepted the agency job, Shock Records also offered me a position as marketing/admin assistant which I turned down… yet I somehow ended up at Shock anyhow.

January will mark my first 6 months as label manager. Highlights include the Kitty, Daisy & Lewis listening party we threw for our Melbourne friends (album out Jan 30, it’s great, everyone go buy it), getting glammed up for the ARIAs, bumping into old mates at BIGSOUND, buying $70 of Indie Mie for the Ricky & Mark press kit and adopting two adorable pet fish.

Other 2014 high points include every single photo shoot I got to be involved with, Darts playing at Lawsfest as the sun was setting, learning to not date my barista (farewell, cheap coffee), re-signing the lease to my inner-city apartment until the end of 2015 (whoop whoop!), seeing Nine Inch Nails again, making friends with some ridiculous people and a bunch of other things that I am too lazy to type out at midnight.

The only shit thing that comes to mind was fainting on my face at the Gaso, but at least I ended up with a gnarly scar so EVERYTHING’S COMING UP MILHOUSE. Here’s to 2015.

Darts! Darts! Darts!

December 17, 2014

I’ve been in Darts for over two years now, and it’s been a wild ride and a slow burning process. But not in a bad way.

I remember getting a call from Angus asking if I wanted to join the band, and the next thing I knew, we were rehearsing newly penned tracks with the intention of heading into Atlantis Studios to record. And then a bunch of things happened and we ended up with something entirely different but I think everything ended up better.

I’m not allowed to really give much away, but we will 100% have new stuff for you to hear in 2015. In fact, we’ll be playing some sneaky previews of the release at the Rice Is Nice Summer Party in Sydney on January 18. Pretty stoked because it’s our first Sydney show and we’re on the same line-up as The Frowning Clouds. YESSS. RSVP on Facey here.

gateway.phpP.S. And here are some snippets if you can’t make our Syd show.


Gorgeous Fran!

December 9, 2014

Took some very lovely photos of my very lovely friend Fran the other day. She was dressed to the nines for a wedding she was going to. I swear, this girl should be an ambassador for a skincare brand because her skin is stupidly perfect. Enjoy!


Hello, Sydney! Hello, ARIAs!

December 1, 2014

Wednesday night plans, sorted ^____^ #ARIAs

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Went to the ARIAs for the first time with the Shock Records music team. We drank all the free booze, I attempted to eat the non-vegetarian friendly food. We didn’t win any ARIAs (dang it) but probably didn’t help that we didn’t have any nominations (maybe next year). Got to watch One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer perform (hrmmm), went all teary eyed when Molly did his speech (aww), felt fat after eating all the desserts on offer (urgh) and then got stuck in a lift for an hour trying to leave one of the after parties (zzzz).

This punk kid got all scrubbed up ^___^ This time last week at the #ARIAS

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A photo posted by Paige X. Cho (@tigerburning) on

Shiny happy blingy people. #ARIAs

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