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Bonds x Two Halves

September 29, 2014

Two Halves did a post featuring Bonds (oh you know,  that iconic Australian underwear and brand) and the girls were nice enough to let me take some pictures of them. Let’s just say that we were all very happy about seeing sunshine for the first time in months, and I think the summery weather made us all a little delirious so Kat and Michelle look very OTT happy in this post. Which is great because I always complain about how moody fashion bloggers look.

Full post here, some pics below. They didn’t use the last ‘floating’ picture but I think it is bloody great so enjoy.


Signing announcements!

September 29, 2014

This week has been HECTIC. So hectic that we tried to buy an office pet fish and we were too busy to get one. How is that even possible?

We announced Ricky & Mark as our newest Shock signing on Monday (read more here), and Belle Haven as a new addition to the Halfcut roster on Thursday (read even more here). Exciting times, and hopefully we get around to acquiring this goddamn fish.

Edinburgh Garden = gorgeous

September 28, 2014

Two Halves shoot from a couple of weekends ago! I absolutely love Edinburgh Gardens but it’s always super packed… so we may have had to get there at 9am to make sure that the rotunda was empty. Yawn.

Full post here!

Bonds sneak peek!

September 28, 2014

A cheeky little preview of an upcoming shoot featuring Bonds!


A sneak peek at our cheeky collab with @bondsaus, coming to the blog this week!

Flowers for flowers’ sake

September 17, 2014


Was enjoying chai lattes with a friend at Mixed Business the other day and took some crazy close-ups of the flowers. I hope you enjoy them because I certainly looked like a freak, wielding a giant DSLR and taking photos of everything but the food. And yes, I know that these are super noisy (and I crazily turned the ISO up even though I was in a sunny cafe) but there’s something I enjoy about grainy images.

EDIT: Here’s the pic that I was actually there to photograph!

Bigsound 2014

September 15, 2014

Like everyone else, slowly recovering from BIGSOUND 2014!

Went up with Georgina and Mick for Shock Records. It was a great opportunity to meet some managers and labels we represent, as well as radio directors/music managers and editors that we constantly email but had never met before. And of course, the parties and the gigs and meeting half of the population of Melbourne in Brisbane. (A certain Queensland journalist even joked that it was that one week of the year when Melbourne makes a total mess of his city, to which I pointed out that there were a large Sydney contingency also making a ruckus.)

unnamedOn the more ‘official’ side of things, we went to quite a few discussion panels and keynote speeches. Noteworthy panels were ‘Community Radio – A Home For All Music‘ (music directors from FBI Radio, PBS, RTRFM, Triple R and others going through the need for more digital servicing and less physical product in the post… with the exception of vinyl because everyone likes a good black shiny disc), ‘Heavy Metal Has the Best Fans‘ (interesting to hear about the metal scene from the perspectives of a radio presenter, label manager, promoter, musician, publicist, manager, whatever-else-I’ve-missed) and ‘20 Questions‘ (Leigh Treweek of TheMusic.com.au asking Ali Hedrick, Julia Willinger, Jamie Hodgson,  Adam Ryan and others a bunch of questions that ranged from funny and quick, to important and thought-provoking). But the absolute highlight of the daylight activities besides the free food (OH MY GOD, FREE SWEET POTATO CHIPS, YES) was Justin Heazlewood’s ‘Funemployed‘ panel discussion with Russell Morris, Pikelet, Tim Shiel and Megan Washington. Self-deprecating, puns and badly drawn pie charts included, of course.

In terms of the live shows, Thief and Ash Grunwald both played and did Shock proud. Also loved Remi (vid below), and LUCIANBLOMKAMP who started playing a violin during his set and totally blew my mind.

If I bumped into you at BIGSOUND, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here, or Facebook here!

Flat lay fun

September 2, 2014

I think my favourite ‘tool’ for photography lately has been a spare milk crate. Not sure why it took me so long to realise I should just bring when whenever I’m doing a shoot because I’m short!

Anyhow, here are some Instagram-specific flat lays for Two Halves, using a white backdrop on my front porch! And obviously using the milk crate for extra height. This reminds me of my GG days – kinda miss creating absurd flat lays with Australis Cosmetics.

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