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Hessian street style

June 28, 2014

Recently did a bunch of street style pictures for the uber cool magazine Hessian.

The gist of the publication is that being pro-sustainability doesn’t have to be shit. You don’t need to subscribe to typical environmentalist stereotypes, which fits in with my belief (and relief) that being environmentally conscious and being an ethical consumer is much more prevalent these days. (I know I’m only 26 but shush. I watched Captain Planet as a child.) Read about the mag’s philosophy here.

The Melbourne street style pictures were for its blog rather than the print component. I was tasked with visually documenting our city’s finest dressed citizens, and asking them a couple of Qs related to sustainability. Not going to lieI did feel a bit like the Terminator, scanning crowds of people. “Too mainstream. Child. Wearing a suit. 7-Eleven uniform. Lamp post.” And then if I did find a suitable subject, I had to figure out how to go up to them in a casual way without eye-fucking them in the ten metres leading up to my greeting. Not being creepy is a lot harder than it sounds, despite being a fairly non-intimidating female.

The other interesting challenge was creating rapport with complete strangers. Everyone else I’ve snapped has always turned up specifically to be photographed (with the exception of drunken party pics). It was hard gauging whether people walking down the street were busy or happy to have a chat, and there were definitely a few babes waiting for a tram that I avoided specifically for this reason. Models I’ve worked with in the past joke about my bossiness (“LAUGH! LAUGH! SMILE! NOW SMILE WITH YOUR EYES! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! CHIN UP, CHIN UP!”) but I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to yell out complicated commands to complete strangers humoring me. It was all a very interesting experience, but I’m happy with how the photos turned out.

Anyway, one of my ‘subjects’ was Caleb. A couple of pics below, but head here for more pictures and the interview. Will blog again as the team publish more for your internet viewing pleasure.

DSC_0917_edited6DSC_0881_edited2 DSC_0906_edited5

So much love for MBM

June 18, 2014

My lovely, dear and wonderful friend Lauren let me do the latest photoshoot for her jewellery line Made By Morton. The gorgeous model is Chalsie, and I swear she looks like a brunette Aurora sometimes. Still in the process of editing all the pics, but here are a couple of awesome non-brand shots that I happened to get.


And then me being silly on Insta…

Shooting on Hoddle Street

June 18, 2014

I did a photoshoot for Melbourne band Mathlete on Hoddle Street a couple of weeks ago… Yes, I know about the Hoddle Street massacre. (Everyone made jokes about it, or as much of a joke as you can make about a horrible massacre where people have died.) A few pics below, and I’ll update Miasto Creative soon with more info!


Hey there

June 12, 2014

DSC_0272_edited1Random, unplanned image without any back story that now reminds me of this.

Muji Magic

June 11, 2014

I love everything Japanese. Hello Kitty, Shonen Knife, the 80s animated version of Little Nemo, sashimi, cat cafes, wasabi, Daiso, those tiny soya sauce bottles that look like animals… so I kinda lost my shit when Muji opened its doors in Australia recently.

For those of you who don’t know, Muji is a Japanese department store that sells furniture, homewares, cosmetics, clothing and stationery. The shop’s goods are essentially ‘no brand’. They focus on good quality products with simple, gorgeous designs. Muji don’t plaster logos on their products, and all stickers peel right off.

My lovely friend Kat (from Two Halves) scored a job as their marketing and public relations person, and organised a shoot to promote some of their gorgeous clothing. Select pics below. Check out the full photo album on their Facebook page.

for site

My bad

June 10, 2014

Surprise! I had the wrong link for my photography portfolio on the menu for my site (whoops) so I used this opportunity to not only fix the link, but update the page. Head here for some examples of my fashion photography, and check out Miasto for my band photography work.

Hey world! Meet MIASTO.

June 7, 2014

Here’s something entirely exciting but completely scary to reveal…


It’s called MIASTO, and it’s my baby. I’ve been working on MIASTO for 7 months now, with a mentor and a collection of incredibly supportive friends in the industry. I’ve worked harder on this than anything else in my life (except maybe Paper-Deer but this is only the beginning).

Here’s the 411. It’s a one-stop shop for musicians to get their band biography and press shots sorted in the most pain-free way. It’s affordable and the turnaround will be super quick.

I’ve noticed that so many bands (especially new bands) struggle with these two things. Getting their social media profiles set up right is so important. The web is usually the first point of contact with other bands, venue bookers, promoters, music journos and the wider public. Poorly written band blurbs and dodgy press shots say a lot about a band, and not in a good way.

MIASTO is a chance for me to use my photography, writing and marketing skills, and bundle them into an affordable package for bands. Artists pick a package to suit their budget and needs. We find a date and a couple simple locations. I ask them about their story, we take some pics, and I then I get to work. A few days later, I’ll send through a whole package of assets that they can use for their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, press kits, whatever.


This also fits in so well with my life right now. I’m only doing freelance and contract work, and definitely have time to do more. Musicians are my favourite people on this planet and I love supporting the arts. I’m also sick of having to write price quotes. ;)

Consider this the softest of soft launches. My slogan for MIASTO is festina lente (Google it), and I have been and I’m going to continue working on the whole business as a whole and this site. Hell, I haven’t even designed a logo for MIASTO yet because I’m waiting to see how it plays out. I want design the perfect logo. I’ve also been testing the waters to see if social media services should be included, but so far the answer has been a resounding ‘no’ (too much effort for little money, too many people out there pretending to be ‘social media mavens’).

Check out MIASTO here, and holler if you want my services or have feedback of any kind!


Headless Bandmen

June 5, 2014

I go a Nikon Speedlight (SB-700) as an early birthday present and I was absolutely itching to try it out on some real people. Took some photographs of my mates at band practice the other night. These were all taken so the band are anonymous (but go ahead – try to guess). Take note: of the grainy, black & white images were taken with a high ISO and no flash, but I like them. So whatever.


Wish upon a star

June 1, 2014

I have all the love in the world for Melbourne fashion/beauty blog Two Halves. It’s been lovely working with Kat and Michelle from the very start of the project, and awesome to see the blog grow massively! They’ve also been really supportive of my photographic activities and let me try things out. Babes.

The pair were recently approached by Aussie brand Wish to take part in its Wish in the City challenge. The task? Style and  photograph a garment from the new Wish collection. Kat and Michelle didn’t win but I think the outfits and images are just stunning. Select pics below. Check out their full post here.


…and on a side note, my mother was in town for a conference so we took her along. Result below.

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