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The science of selfies

May 28, 2014

I find this pretty amusing:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.40.36 amDan Zarella is a social media scientistthat is, he looks at social media with a scientific eye.

He recently analysed 160K images  that were tagged with #selfie on Instagram (now that’s a robust sample size) and found some telling results. I’d say that Insta self portraits that weren’t tagged #selfie might actually turn up different statisticsespecially in terms of #like4like type hashtagsbut I guess that it’d be too hard to manually figure out if images are selfies or not. 

It is hilarious that almost THIRTY PERCENT of peeps think no one will notice if they subtly add in a filter.

Check out the full post on Dan’s blog here.

Professional Pervin’

May 26, 2014

Here’s something to bring out your inner competitor. LinkedIn has just introduced a new feature that allows users to see how they rank against their connections in terms of profile views. It’s a percentile score, and it is quite telling.

The ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ feature is great for seeing who is looking at your profile (and what organisations and industries they represent) as well as the raw number of how many users are having a peep… But context makes a huge difference. If a recruiter who uses LinkedIn to find candidates for work gets 40 views in a week, this isn’t as impressive as a blogger who is still quite small on the scene.

Here’s the official lowdown from LinkedIn’s blog and the TIME Magazine wrap up. LinkedIn’s vid below.

Know me? Add me on LinkedIn!

In the trenches

May 21, 2014

Another weekend, another shoot for Two Halves. (I will never get sick of taking pics of Katrina – she is one of the loveliest and most easygoing subjects I’ve photographed.) These were taken near Fitzroy North Primary School and then at Mixed Business on Queens Parade. Some of my faves below, full shoot here.



May 20, 2014

Took photographs at Kink, the opening night for Found Festival. A couple of pics below… If it wasn’t obvious by the post title, this is not possibly not safe for work (depending on where you work). Head to Found Festival’s Facebook page and show ’em some love.


Social media for nature

May 19, 2014

Twitter has always been a favourite of mine. Facebook is nice for staying up to date with friends and lovers, but Twitter is for connecting with the WHOLE world.

Apart from the crazy, strange and often drug-fuelled tweets my celebrities (ahem, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and company), there is a whole other side of Twitter. The side where crowd funding campaigns can go viral, political movements can advertise rallies, governments can send out vital info about natural disasters and important news can be instantly reported by citizens.

Here’s an interesting one I stumbled across today:

And here’s an example pic:

The only issue is that loads of people are so amused/impressed by the initiative that they are reposting images of the sign with the #morganfire02 hashtag, diluting the actual results on social media channels. It appears that they must manually approve the images that go up on the actual monitoring site though. Key learning: tell people to not post images of the sign with the hashtag.


Playing around in a colourless world

May 18, 2014

Here are some B&W images of Lachlan, Ben (well, just his arm) and Kat. Enjoy and stay tuned for more pictures as I continue to harass the citizens of Melbourne for hair whips and blue steel faces.

DSC_0964_edited1 DSC_0918_edited1DSC_0081_edited1-3

Shiny new resume

May 16, 2014

Hey folks! Since I’ve changed up the look of my website, I’ve given my resume a bit of a refresh too. The resume page on this site is still here, but you can also download it as a handy PDF in case you work in the Dr. Martens HR department and want to hire me.

In terms of my job situation, still working as a contractor for Collabforge in the city. Most of what I do is related to marketing, editing and strategy but I’ll hopefully get a chance to get more time to do writing for them soon.


* Dream job = doing social media and brand cross promotion for Dr. Martens in Australia. Just so you know.


Facebook Boot Camp

May 12, 2014

Just announced – Facebook is running ‘boot camps’ for small-to-medium business advertisers. The new media giant clearly cottoned on to the fact that many SMEs are struggling with advertising and promoting their businesses on the platform and are swapping notes. I’m talking Facebook advertising best practices obviously, but also content strategies, engagement and the like.

I’m guessing this is Facebook’s attempt to help pages continue to improve and provide fans with a genuinely enjoyable platform to connect to brands (read my post about Facebook Studio Awards). I’ll also wager that they’ve received complaints from advertisers about how shit they are with helping brands understand its crazy world of statistics.

When I worked for an agency, it almost felt like Facebook was playing a sick joke on us by changing the Facebook advertising dashboard and insights (its analytics) ever so slightly every few weeks. I’d go to fill out a monthly report to see that a statistic I need to detail had changed names, or been merged into another so I couldn’t parse out data, or for some reason I could only view that statistic along with the data for the week prior as well (serious).

So far the ‘boot camps’ are physical, and are taking place at a few spots around the US. Would love it if Facebook Australia tried this on for size too. More from Mashable here.

Facebook celebrating things on Facebook

May 6, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Facebook Studio Awards. Full list of the 2014 winners here and a walk through by Hubspot.

At first I thought it was strange for an actual social media platform to hand out prizes, but really it is in Facebook’s best interests because it highlights and celebrates truly innovative, creative and slick campaigns on their platform. It encourages other firms to pick up their marketing game because-let’s face it-there are plenty of terrible marketing campaigns on Facebook at the moment.

Stacks Photoshoot

May 1, 2014

Did another shoot with the always love Katrina for Two Halves. It was a little tricky because we shot in the late arvo and it was getting pretty dark, but I seriously love how they all turned out. Just a handful of pics below. Head here to view the whole Stacks shoot.DSC_0718_edited1DSC_0754_edited1DSC_0768_edited1DSC_0870_edited1-3

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