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My life for the next few months

March 31, 2014

I’ve been contracted to Collabforge as a Content & Community Manager since October. It was a three-month contract to begin with, but was extended to continue my work on this federal government project… until it came to a temporary close today.

C&CM is a bit of a mouthful… I essentially spent my time writing and curating content for the site’s blog (some under my moniker, others without my name) related to the economy, public policy, innovation, collaboration, business and technology. Here’s some content to sink your teeth into:

Other tasks that fell under my role also included Google Analytics reporting, social media management, online community building, running events, creating EDMs, and some light photography and design work.

The project is on pause for the moment, and it’s a pity because I learnt some interesting/nerdy things. It was such a change from consumer brand marketing. I’ve been lucky enough that Collabforge will still be contracting me for a few days a week doing other writing and marketing, but in the mean time I’m up for some freelance fun times.

Hit me up here if you need a writer on your side! Girl’s gotta pay rent.

New lense, happy times

March 30, 2014

I recently hired out a Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G prime lens for a shoot (this beauty) and it was just so lovely and ridiculously awesome that I actually went out a bought a new lens the next day.

Picked up the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G. Have been playing around and taking snaps of random things (rubbish bins, fences, rose bushes, cars, my friends… drunk). Looking forward to doing a shoot with it soon!

Area Woman Bored by Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook tries to improve

March 27, 2014

I recently discovered that Facebook friends can’t tell if I’ve unfollowed them—WHOOP!—so I’ve started unfollowing with a vengeance. They’re all actually lovely people  but I just don’t want to see their posts for a bunch of reasons (like their political alignment/overwhelming need to take poorly composed photographs of their coffee/tagging themselves into their office building every morning).

Facebook noticed, and I was greeted with this:


(I don’t know if that title will be funny to anyone but me/people who read The Onion, but whatever.)

Facebook wants me to stop enjoying Facebook

March 24, 2014

Or something to that effect. Just read this TIME Magazine piece about how Facebook plans to lower the organic reach of a page’s post to about ONE FUCKING PERCENT. This is annoying from a marketer’s perspective. This makes me want to concentrate my brand efforts on Twitter or Instagram (oh wait, Facebook owns that too).

The worst part is that I follow lots of pages on Facebook that I genuinely want to hear from. My favourite bands. A tiny handful of consumer brands that I would passionately advocate for (ahem, Dr. Martens for instance). And companies that I really want to hear from (for example, Jetstar to find out about cheap flight sales).

Guess what, Facey? I’m just going to start following all of my favourite pages on Twitter. And maybe Google+ if I’m really, really, really desperate. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.

Holy Batman Balls

March 9, 2014

Sorry, the title for this post has absolutely nothing to do with its contents… except it was the first thought that came into my head when I saw this cover:

TCS – Robot Heart: Heart-Shaped Box – Nirvana (covered by Kawehi) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

I love Nirvana. I love Heart-Shaped Box. I like an interesting cover. Oh. My. God. Here’s a her current Kickstarter campaign.

Moving Places

March 8, 2014


I’ve been freelancing/contracting/not-sure-what-the-legal-term as a writer for Collabforge for the past few months, and the team is moving from Carlton to the Melbourne CBD! I’ll be working out of Hub Melbourne on Bourke Street, right near Southern Cross Station. I love being directly opposite of Carlton Gardens, but also really looking forward to working being in the city again.

Goodbye, money! Hellooo, yummy take-out lunches!

Heads of Charm @ Bone Soup

March 5, 2014

As promised, here are a few more pics from Bone Soup. FYI Heads of Charm are a rad Melbourne band that have played with Darts before at Old Bar (of course Old Bar, where else but Old Bar). They kicked around some dirt and made noise in the dark at Bone Soup. (Pic immediately below is of ScotDrakula though.)


Clowns @ Bone Soup

March 4, 2014

Melbourne band Clowns are insane live. I went to Bone Soup on the weekend (sweet shindig in a dusty Brunswick car park) and took some snaps. Enjoy (and click the pics to view them larger).

Other bands that played included my mateys Going Swimming, Heads of Charm, Damn Terran, Mesa Cosa and ScotDrakula. Will chuck up some more pics if I get around to editing them!

Am I the only one who still buys CDs?

March 2, 2014

Some new and predictable stats on 2013 Australian music sales (thanks for the info, Tonedeaf):

  • Digital music sales were higher than physical sales by revenue
  • Definite decline in physical sales apart from vinyl
  • Streaming revenue has increased
  • Digital sale increases didn’t protect the industry from the sharp decrease in physical units sold

Maybe I’m a dinosaur but I bought more CDs in 2013 than I have in a while… just wait until I eventually get around to getting a record player though.

Productivity, post-it notes and fruit salad

March 2, 2014

As a freelancer with my fingers in a million yummy pies, I always have a million things to do. On top of that, I’m currently freelancing at a firm where I have a gazillion tasks. These are are all quite varied (and require different mental spaces) and need to be constantly re-prioritised. Queue in: productivity hacks.

I’ve been pulling lots of inspiration from Lifehacker’s ‘How I work‘ series. They ask professionals the same bunch of questions (e.g. “Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?” “What’s your best time-saving shortcut/life hack?”) with some pretty surprising answers popping up.

In particular, I like Maria Sebregondi’s interview because I love Moleskine and agree that paper is sometimes best. Charles Duhigg’s answers also make for an interesting read. Some of his thoughts are downrighthostile (case in point: “There is a dude a few seats away from me who speaks very loudly. I listen to him. Not happily.”) but honest at the same time. It’s fascinating to see someone who deliberately removes all art and beauty from his workspace so that his work is the single most stimulating thing in his environment. Strange to me because I’m obsessed with tchotchkes and find them inspirational rather than distracting.

New productivity gadgets come and go for me, but—like Maria—I prefer plain paper for my goal making. I’ve been doing this for years at various workplaces because there’s something so satisfying about scratching out a task with a big, fat permanent market. I tend to call them ‘fruit salad’ because I list my ‘low hanging fruit’ (easy goals that I can achieve within an hour). And I only ever write the three tasks I’m working on for the next chunk of my time so stay I stay focused. It’s harder to avoid a task if there are only two other tasks you can procrastinate with! If you’re wondering how I get away with only ‘low hanging fruits), it’s because I split up bigger tasks into tinier ones so they are less frightening.

And then I draw some fruit because why the hell not.

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