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Time to Freelance Over Xmas

November 29, 2013

I tend to get a bit excited about Christmas, so I decided to put my Christmas tree up on November 22nd. Okay, I get overly excited. Here’s a terrible Instagram picture of my waist-high tree.

In other news, the Collabforge office will be shut for a couple of weeks of the holiday season so I will have a tiny bit of spare time on my hands. Hit me up if you’d like some freelance writing, social media, publicity or marketing help.

SurveyMonkey Contribute

November 28, 2013

Crazy! Apparently if you take random surveys on SurveyMonkey (i.e. ones that you haven’t been guilt-tripped into completing for a friend trying to get his PhD), SurveyMonkey donate 50 cents to a charity of your choice and you go in the running to win $100. Read more about it here.

(If I was unemployed, I would totally whittle away time doing this. But as life would have it…)

Collaboration Crazy

November 27, 2013

After my little post about Wipster yesterday, I found a whole Mashable post about ‘collaboration’ tools for design. Upon closer inspection, these all seem to be design feedback tools rather than true collaboration-enhancing platforms (including Wipster) but pretty interesting nonetheless. Read the post here.

P.S. They’re all free. WHOOP WHOOP.

Brushing Up On My Photography Skills

November 26, 2013

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’ve got a master plan for 2014/2015. Yes. [Excited dance]

I won’t divulge/bore you with the tiny details, but I’m currently in training mode so I’ve been shooting pictures like a maniac recently and may have adopted two photography mentors. I’ve also enrolled in an intensive photography course at CAE, and have been getting photo editing tutorials. May have also updated some of my gear, ever so slightly!

Here’s a sneak peek of the pictures I took of pal Katrina Cheung for her fashion blog Two Halves over the weekend, via their Instagram account. Can’t wait to publish the actual pics!


November 26, 2013

Stumbled across a website by the name of Wipster today. Guessing it a twist between ‘work-in-progress’ (ahem, WIP) and a hipster. Or something like that.

Name aside, it looks like an interesting way to work with clients on feedback on videos. Heaven knows how confusing it is to get feedback on creative projects, and every extra factor (i.e. audio and visual and copy to approve all the same time, and needing approval from the brand manager/marketing assistant/PR team/janitor) makes it more difficult to sort out what changes happen and which suggestions are plain stupid.

Just putting it out there.

‘Monthiversary’ at Collabforge

November 18, 2013

Have just celebrated my first month at Collabforge, and I’m pretty stoked to be working with a team that really understands project management. And I mean really understands it. I have worked across many different campaigns, clients, once-off campaigns and freelance jobs across the years by myself and with a team, but I feel that I’ve already picked up quite a few productivity, time management and project management skills over the past few weeks. #NERD

Can’t wait to see the actual output of our work out in the world!

National Day of Climate Action

November 17, 2013

Today was National Day of Climate Action, and I’m pretty darn proud of Melbourne for turning up to the rally at Treasury Place. It’s important to make it known that literally thousands of Australians give a damn about climate action, and on the ASAP.

I took some snaps of the event for Yes 2 Renewables, so hopefully they will have some photos up on their channels very soon to help showcase their hard work and amazing efforts.

I rocked up to the rally stage a bit early, and at 10.45am there were only a handful of peeps milling about. This pic was taken just after 11am at the exact moment I turned around and realised there was several thousand peeps behind me. EPIC. Yes, that’s me at the front with the black knapsack! (Image via Instagram.)

Here’s a quick Instagram vid showing just a small portion of the entire crowd.

Facebook’s Support Dashboard

November 11, 2013

Here’s something new… Or new to me anyway, because I’m not one for reporting people to Facebook constantly. Someone posted something particularly offensive about a particular religious group on a status update today (for a page I am not a fan or admin of) so I reported the comment to Facebook as hate speech.

I got this email about an hour later:


Which linked out to here:

I think it’s fantastic that Facebook is being so transparent… and speedy. I cannot count the number of times that fans of pages I manage have complained that the brand has deleted comments, or this or that. Good work!

Photoshoot for Made By Morton

November 11, 2013

My very, very lovely friend Lauren Morton is the genius and brains behind Melbourne jewellery brand Made By Morton. I did a photoshoot over the weekend with Lauren to showcase some of her gorgeous new pieces! I can’t wait to share the final images, but here are some behind-the-scenes pics of us frolicking around Fitzroy North. I have to say that the models are also both totally adorable!

P.S. Show Made By Morton some love through Facebook and Instagram.

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