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October 28, 2013

I came across this story through Mashable, and it is so sweet and heartbreaking, and actually brought tears to my eyes. (Yes, I am willing to admit that I am a total sap.)

Here’s the short version: a 63-year-old dad in rural Nebraska is dying of terminal cancer, and his son who works hundreds of miles away launches a social media campaign to help him feel connected to his father. As a child, Brian told Brandon his favourite colours was ‘sky blue pink’… the gorgeous mixture of colours that you find in sunsets. You can read Brandon’s original image explaining the campaign here.

The beautiful thing was that THOUSANDS of complete strangers all around the world snapped pictures of #SkyBluePink sunsets and tweeted, Instagrammed or posted these pictures to Brandon to help him through his battle. Thousands. And a local Nebraskan band by the name of Good Show Great Show even wrote a song called Sky Blue Pink… and it found its way to Brian & family. So beautiful

Brian passed away on August 13. x

Exciting/exhausting times

October 28, 2013

I always know things are getting awesome/exciting if I’m feeling pretty beat by the time midnight rolls around… every single night. That, or maybe I’m having too much fun on the weekends.

Either way, I started a three-month contract role at Collabforge two weeks ago as Community & Content Manager! My title is pretty fitting; my role encompasses content creation, content curation, managing the digital community, engaging with the community offline (read: EVENTS!) and creating e-newsletters. Check out my new office digs below. Sweet, huh?


A large part of my job is related to government policies… which means that things are very different compared to my time at Get Glossy! Instead of writing about eyeliner tricks, celeb gossip and flirting tutorials, I get to delve into Australian politics and academic theories. I know it might sound a bit drier to some, but this was definitely the change I was looking for after almost three years of dealing with consumer brands.

I also have other goodies in the pipeline. I’m helping a digital music store set up their ‘social media camp’ so to speak, and have decided to embark on another hobby blog adventure. Oh yes, and did I mention I’ve been doing some ghost writing?! All will be revealed very soon.


October 24, 2013

I’ve really gotten into illustration and Photoshopping things together in my spare time, so I’ve designed up a couple of things! Now on sale via Redbubble. Enjoy.

P.S. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates as I go blind drawing these tiny little things.

Well wishes…

October 22, 2013


New role!

October 20, 2013

My last day at Get Glossy was on Thursday, and I started my new job on Friday! No rest for the wicked. It’s a three-month contract at the moment and I’ll fill you in with more detail soon. I’m pretty excited about the role in general, and pleased as punch too because I’m allowed to do freelance writing and music stuff on the side. Now… to get some sleep because I do far too much with my life!

P.S. The super duper amazing GG team also got me the most amazing going away presents.

Targeted Facebook advertising

October 17, 2013

This just announced: Facebook will soon let advertisers target Facebook users according to their behaviour on their own external websites.

I’m sure you’ve all browsed ASOS before, then found all your Facebook and Google ads for the whole month after that are telling you to just buy those damn shoes that you looked at for about two seconds. This was (and still will be) through Facebook Exchange (FBX). Here’s how Facebook describes the difference between the two:

We anticipate that marketers will use FBX and website and mobile app Custom Audiences in different ways. For advertisers who have a large number of products and advertise to multiple audiences, FBX is the better solution. For businesses that don’t typically work with third parties, website and mobile app Custom Audiences will allow them to show ads to people who have been to their site or mobile app and still utilize Facebook’s targeting abilities.

Will be interesting to see whether users (who don’t know how it all works) will start panicking about privacy issues, and whether many small businesses will start using it to drive online sales.

Two days left!

October 15, 2013

Only two days left at Get Glossy! I’ve been super busy this week writing up my final reports and walking the new account manager through my clients… and I feel like this right about now!

Not creepy at all

October 14, 2013

Apparently Twitter was almost called FRIENDSTALKER. A++ to whoever pointed out it sounded way creepy.

P.S. Also, interested to see how Twitter pans out now that they’ve filed for IPO.

Farewell, Get Glossy!

October 10, 2013

This is some very huge news that I’ve been sitting on for a while… I’ll be leaving Get Glossy after 2.5 wonderful years with the team. My last day is next Thursday and I am half excited, half nervous and a tiny bit terrified of what the future will bring! Working with Pete and Maria has been absolutely amazing, and I’ve learnt so much about digital marketing, social media and agency processes. Over the past couple of years, my clients have included Australis Cosmetics, Tony Bianco Shoes, John Frieda Hair Care, Bioré Skincare, Mode Cosmetics, Wittner Shoes, Liptember, Biozet Attack, Baby Bunting and Tetley Tea.

I’ll be starting work with a new company on Friday as a community manager – no rest for the wicked! On top of this, I’ll be freelancing again in social media marketing, writing, sub-editing and music publicity again. My first client is the Bendigo Hotel, whose social media I managed for some time before Get Glossy. Very excited to be working with the tequila-loving crew again so stay tuned. If you’re interested in getting a quote for an ongoing or once-off social media or writing job, get in touch with me here.

Anyway, here’s a video of the Get Glossy HR officer Rory (the dog!) and our office rabbit. Going to miss both of them so much!


When to post on social media

October 7, 2013

A friend forwarded this little link to me. It’s an infographic explaining the best times to post on social media. Useful but I somehow feel like the best time to post on Google+ is never!

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