Entries from August 2013

New Facebook competition guidelines

August 31, 2013

Check it. Facebook has changed its page guidelines to allow businesses to run certain types of competitions via Facebook walls. Good move, Facey. So many smaller brands were doing it anyway and getting great interaction with fans. I do agree with Facebook still making tagging for a chance to win not okay though. Wonder if they’ve come to this realisation because quick-and-dirty comps go so well on Facebook-owned Instagram and Twitter

(And I think that slick Facebook tabs are still the way to go for big/consumer brands.)



Android Beta Tester for Facey

August 27, 2013

So apparently I am now an Android Beta Tester for Facebook. Hopefully they have some cool new things to roll out!

Instagram. You’re doing it wrong.

August 19, 2013

I’m getting into Instagram in a way that is a bit embarrassing. I hope anyone I paid out for snapping their lunch isn’t reading this.* Anyway, check out this great vid from New Yorker and filmmaker Casey Neistat.

* In my defense, I rarely take pictures of my soggy breakfast. Mostly because I don’t believe in cereal and milk.

Darts Residency

August 1, 2013

Currently in the studio and have a residency at The Tote this month. Exciting times… Music video soon!

P.S. On the music video front, I had a very brief cameo in Clavians’ music video. The direction they gave me costume-wise was ‘ghetto’ haha. Check it.

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