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Paper-Deer URL change

May 22, 2013

Way back in the depths of time (i.e. clearly October 2011), I used to be Editor of a music blog called Paper-Deer. I had a team of about fifteen totally awesome Melbourne peeps reviewing gigs and records, and shooting gigs. I had to put it in hiatus due to my job at Get Glossy* but I’ve kept the website up for everyone’s Internet-viewing-pleasure. Just a heads up that the URL has now changed to www.paper-deer.com.au!

* There’s just wasn’t enough coffee in the world to keep me running a constantly updated blog and replying to 600 pressers… while working full time at full capacity for a marketing agency on the other side town.

Darts on ‘Basements’ mix tape

May 20, 2013

My band‘s management firm Promised Miracles have just released a mixtape by the name of ‘Basements’. Check out Darts’ track below (and the rest too… but definitely ours first!).

Promised Miracles have more mixtapes planned in the future too to help support local artists so stay tuned.


Graphics, graphics everywhere!

May 18, 2013

Have been a busy little bee at work, doing a ridiculous amount of graphics work to go with my Facebook and Twitter posts. Here are a few examples of graphics using Instagram pictures of products as the background:



And here are some examples of graphics I’ve been working on using stock imagery for backgrounds:



May 10, 2013

For some fucking design advice, click here (you know you want to).


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