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January 30, 2013

I stumbled across the Band4Hope concept at the Suzuki Night Market (nom), and absolutely love the idea! Here’s the deal. You buy one of these ‘trackable, traveling wristbands’ ethically crafted out of copper and zinc in Africa:

And 10% of the sale goes to charity.You wear it for four weeks and do at least one ‘action for hope’ before passing it along to another person to do the same. Oh, and did I mention that each bracelet also has a unique, trackable ID so you can see where your bracelet has been and is going to?

Check them out on Twitter here, on Instagram here, and on Facebook…. here. I think they hang about with the cool kids at Rose Street Market too on weekends.

(Images from their website and their Facebook page.)

WANTED: Totally Awesome Interns

January 24, 2013

News time! Get Glossy is currently looking for more lovely interns because quite a few of our talented interns got… real paying jobs because they were that amazing. OTT passion for social media, marketing, PR or journalism definitely required. You may have to do lots of awesome things like pin pretty pictures on Pinterest from time to time and have lunch with me.

Our office is in Preston, we have an office dog and you’ll need to get in touch with us here. Don’t forget to tell them I sent you.


January 16, 2013

I am one of those adults who loves Lego*, so I loved this Tumblr blog I found on Mashable. Brickstagram is literally a photo blog dedicated to ‘original arrangements’ of Lego. Knock your socks off here.


* Pretty sure that 90% of adults love Lego, 5% are lying and the other 5% were deprived of Lego in their childhood.

Looking back at 2012

January 14, 2013

Two weeks late, but better late than never! Just wanted to thank everyone for an amazing 2012. The big two-oh-one-two was the year I got promoted to Senior Account Manager, I took my first big overseas holiday sans parents (hello, Nippon!), I joined a band on keys, I got my first digital SLR and I started learning bass guitar. Also the year I started using Pinterest and Instagram, but I’m not sure if either of those require a mention…

How does a blind man use Instagram?

January 8, 2013

Very easily. I’m not a huge fan of Instagram, but I just love this.


New year, new office

January 8, 2013

More exciting Get Glossy news. We recently moved to a bigger, better and brighter office! We’re still in Preston but we now have a gorgeous and large converted factory space to work in. Read: loft areas, wooden floor boards, exposed brick walls and awesomeness. Will have a couple of pics up soon.

Address deets here!

QR Codes

January 4, 2013

I am a known advocate and lover of QR codes, but here are two interesting articles about how these quick response codes are on their way out:

5 Trends to Ignore in 2013

6 Trends That Will Shape Digital in 2013

Will be interesting to see what happens. I love them because typing in long URLs in your phone internet browser can be a pain (although I guess Google’s spiders can find almost anything) but both articles make a good point. The average Joe Blow just doesn’t know how to use them. Maybe if smart phones’ native camera apps had an in-built and user friendly QR code reader within them, they would take off. Hint hint to anyone who fiddles with phone operating systems for a living…


P.S. Let me just say how beautifully designed and on-brand this Louis Vuitton QR code is though… It heads to the brand’s Facebook page.

Twenty Thirteen

January 1, 2013

1. Happy New Year!

2. Must remember to start saying ‘twenty thirteen’ and not the tediously long ‘two thousand and thirteen’.

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