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Henry Finder and his commas

August 26, 2012

Melbourne Writers Festival is in the swing of things, and I attended ‘The Art of Editing‘ seminar today. The very amusing and intelligent Henry Finder, Editorial Director of The New Yorker, walked us through the history of his beloved publication plus some of his own editorial direction pointers… Usually with TIME Magazine illustrating his DO NOT DOs. Here are two Finder gems I jotted down from today:

Stop asking, ‘What must I cut?’ and start asking, ‘What must I keep?’

At The New Yorker, our commas travel in pairs for protection. (I feel like I need to add an extra comma in there.)

My Get Glossy anniversary

August 10, 2012

This month marks my ONE YEAR anniversary at Get Glossy. Still absolutely loving my job (maybe as long as you don’t ask me that during report week) and can’t imagine a nicer bunch of people to work with. My current clients include Biozet Attack, Australis Cosmetics, John Frieda Haircare, BiorĂ© Skincare and Baby Bunting.

Feel free to send me some anniversary greeting cards in the mail.

Open House Melbourne, the aftermath

August 8, 2012

Open House Melbourne was – as expected – totally awesome. Triptych was absolutely stunning, and I felt like a bit of a voyeur wondering around the future living space of strangers.

Other sites I went to were the State Library of Victoria, the Myer Mural Hall, the City Baths, St. Peter’s Eastern Hill and Melbourne City Synagogue. The State Library was worth every minute of the 70-minute wait, and I loved wandering around the catacombs and walking into the Elephant Lift. The City Baths were a total disappointment though. I kind of felt like I was just at a slightly-more-expensive-than-normal gym, and it turned out that our tour guide did her research on the internet.

Some pictures I took below – enjoy!

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