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Emerging Writers’ Festival… Verdict.

June 30, 2012

I was super excited about the Emerging Writers’ Festival. So excited. Then I went and I was a bit disappointed.

The first event I went to was Seven Enviable Lines, which was mildly entertaining. Lawrence Leung was a well-rehearsed riot as always and Ali Alizadeh was (to put it in one word) awesome. I booked tickets to this shindig purely because I thought Mister Leung would be fun to watch again. Iknew I wasn’t going to really learn anything from this event… and I didn’t.

Next up was The Pitch – this one I didn’t enjoy so much. A couple of years ago when I was doing lots of music journalism, I really wanted to stretch myself and do some non-music articles. The only problem? I had trouble thinking of great story ideas, and then didn’t know how to present them. This event should have been an absolute gem for me but it really wasn’t. The first half showcased some of Australia’s top university publications, with their respective editors talking up their magazines. The second half was pretty much the same, but for other publications and websites like Crikey, Voiceworks and Meanjin. These are all amazing publications but all the advice soundbites from the editors were pretty common sense. We were told to make sure we’ve actually read the publication, that we are correctly addressing the publication (you have no idea how many times I received emails at Paper-Deer that were addressed to other music blogs) and other really obvious things. I am really not sure why the audience around me was taking notes so furiously. Perhaps I’m too harsh, or perhaps the Emerging Writers’ Festival this year was aimed at really ’emerging’ writers.

PS Sorry this post is a bit on the tardy side!

Fiverr Challenge!

June 28, 2012

We recently had an office challenge at Get Glossy, where each of us was tasked with finding a great ‘purchase’ on wacky website Fiverr and buying a $5 video related to the business. Then we all had to promote our wall post on the Get Glossy Facebook page to our friends and well-wishers, with the post receiving the most likes and comments winning. Sadly I didn’t win (or get the prize – the luxury of a half-day off) but here are all of our entries:



PS Admittedly, my Old Spice idea sounded better in my head.

QR Codes In Japan

June 28, 2012

Apologies for not blogging in almost two months! My excuse is that I recently went on holiday to Japan (yes, it was amazing) so it was really hectic in the lead up to my trip and I was busy tidying things up when I got back.

Absolutely loved Japan, and just how ‘into’ technology everyone was. Even the oldest, most ancient Japanese people I saw all had smartphones. I couldn’t tell you what they were doing on their iPhones because everything was in Japanese, but they were most definitely not luddites.

Another thing I noticed was that QR codes were everywhere. As an absolute fan of QR codes, I adored this. Interestingly, QR codes were not just plastered on bill boards of Tokyo’s young, hip and trendy establishments. Even the daggy corner cafe with the clientele entirely over 50 seemed to have QR codes on their menus.

I unfortunately didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of said QR codes, so here are some very random pictures from my holiday.

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