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LinkedIn versus BranchOut

May 1, 2012

Facebook’s answer to LinkedIn is quite horrendous. Their new ‘professional networking service’ just looks like a very green and limp-wristed version of LinkedIn, and it keeps telling me I have notifications when I’m just surfing through Facebook but can’t tell me what these are once I make an effort to have a look at the app.

I think the most obvious reason why I like LinkedIn is that it is completely and utterly separate to my personal Facebook profile. Facebook is for horribly inappropriate pictures (that is until I untag myself), writing silly comments on my mother’s wall and chatting to friends. LinkedIn is for posting content out to my professional network that I wouldn’t want to bore my non-work friends with (really, they don’t care if my colleague has just written a public recommendation for me). I have a funny feeling that I’ll accidentally press some button – that Facebook will undoubtedly tell me to hit – and it will instantly send out all my work related content to my pals and vice versa.

In case you do know me but aren’t connected to me on LinkedIn yet, click here.

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