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New job: Get Glossy!

July 29, 2011

Good news! I can finally announce that I am now working full time as an account manager for Get Glossy, a digital marketing firm specialising in social media marketing.  Some of their current and past clients include Tony Bianco Shoes, Australis Cosmetics, Lucky Coq/Bimbo’s, Moxie’s and Le Tan! I’m very excited to be working with so many gorgeous and well-known brands. I’ll send you more links and keep the blog updated with my activities.

In other news, I sadly won’t be doing freelance marketing for Property X, Rihac or Bendigo Hotel anymore, but please check out their websites and support these fantastic Melbourne businesses! I also won’t be taking on anymore freelance writing or marketing clients but please feel free to contact me want to have a chat or would like recommendations for a good freelance social media marketer.

InDesign + redesigning online portfolio

July 18, 2011

Hi peeps. I finished my InDesign course over the weekend. Was amazingly useful. Everyone says you can learn stuff off YouTube but you can learn so much more when you aren’t getting distracted by videos of cats doing cute things ever two seconds.

The other thing is that I have rearranged my portfolio on my website a little so things are categorised according to type, and under that by publication for articles. Will be adding a lot more to the publicity section – it is tricky trying to get clearance from clients and any graphics designers they have worked with!

Free stuff!

July 13, 2011

I’ve been posting giveaways on Paper-Deer’s Facebook page for a while but I decided to make a prize giveaways page on the actual Paper-Deer website. It’s great because now all the giveaways are in one place and then I don’t have to worry about flooding the website’s Facebook fans with updates.


Check out the new giveaways page.

Property X on Facebook

July 12, 2011

Went into Property X again today. Such a lovely team to work with! They’re all very open to using social media even though the company is new to it. The Facebook page now has a vanity URL (www.facebook.com/propertyx) and we’ve added a whole bunch of content. There are photo albums for the different properties types, which each property image having a description and contact details so potential buyers/tenants can get in touch immediately. What I really like about using Facebook with real estate listings is that it is so easy for people to use. If they look at a pic of an apartment they like, they can just click share and send it off to their partner’s Facebook account with a message like “Honey, we need to live here. ASAP.”

PS I got a bit jealous uploading photos for beautiful million dollar apartments in the city.

A very impressive resume…

July 11, 2011

As you all know, I’m applying for jobs at the moment and have been looking at some interesting articles on Mashable about great resumes. Came across this amazing, amazing interactive video resume.


My resume seems so lacking right now! My new task for the week…

InDesign, finally!

July 10, 2011

Had my first session of Adobe InDesign today at CAE in Melbourne. Was ridiculously useful and learnt about all sorts of things like grids, guidelines, rounded corners, logo design, print specs, file formats and stuff that probably seems very basic to all the graphic designers out there… But were things that probably would have taken a lot of messing about on InDesign alone to pick up. The final session is next week and the trainer said I can bring in all my press releases that I’ve created so she can give me some advice.

Beat Magazine

July 10, 2011

I forgot to mention that some of my writing ended up in Beat Magazine week before last. Fruits of my efforts! I’ll add them to my portfolio when I have time but if you have a copy on hand check out the Arts of the City page (all by me except for one blurb – see if you can figure out which one), some Beat Eats News Bites, a few arts interviews and the What’s On arts column.

Property X

July 7, 2011

I did some freelance marketing work with a neat little real estate agency in the city called Property X. Check out their website (which is currently static but they’re working on making a fancy website at the moment). I set up their Facebook page (only 20 fans at the moment, hence no vanity URL… yet) and LinkedIn, going back in on Tuesday to do more work. Will be interesting! Not sure exactly what my role here will be but will be nice to help them get all their social media lined up nicely.

Will keep you updated.

Another client!

July 1, 2011

Good news! I had a chat with a real estate agency in the Melbourne CBD today who are after a social media marketer. They recently went from being part of a national chain to their own individual agency so they obviously need to re-set up all their social media channels. I’ll be starting next week as a freelance contractor – will give you more details then. Very excited because they have some great ideas and some seriously slick branding already!

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