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More images…

June 29, 2011

… by me.

Random images by me

June 25, 2011

Some random images by me that I’ve worked on recently. I think you can click on them and get a super huge blurry version too. “Tiger tiger burning bright” is from the William Blake poem and the other text is from a Pixies song.


Beat Magazine

June 25, 2011

So I was lucky enough to get a couple of days of work at Beat Magazine. I did a whole bunch of Arts writing on Friday for the Arts of the City page, What’s On arts column and the Beat Eats News Bites (which made me super hungry, just writing about menus and restaurants). Back again on Monday to do some sub-editing work too I believe. As much as freelancing from home is fun, with the whole being-able-to-sit-in-my-pyjamas-and-work thing, it’s nice to be able to interact with real people.

The Million Dollar homepage

June 23, 2011

This has nothing to do with me but I thought it was curious: The Million Dollar Homepage. Guy needs money to go to uni. Registers a domain a sells ads for $1 per pixel for five years of advertising. Makes a million dollars… Of course, not without threats, the website crashing, a publicity trail throughout the US and copycat websites. Man, why didn’t I fund my psych degree this way?

InDesign… again…

June 23, 2011

My InDesign course at CAE has been confirmed again for July. This is one of those I-feel-like-I’ve-been-trying-to-organise-this-forever type of things.

Thanks, Beat Magazine!

June 21, 2011

I used to contribute to Beat Magazine very frequently and the kind folks (in particular Melanie and Jaymz, as well as Industrial Strength writer Christie Eliezer) put a little blurb about me in Issue 1273’s Industrial Strength column. Pic below. Thanks!

PS may have picked up a few more once off publicity clients along with The Bendigo Hotel, but definitely still looking!

No InDesign… for now…

June 15, 2011

Annoying news. The InDesign course I had signed up to has been cancelled due to low enrolments/teacher being MIA. Not sure. They sent an email saying one thing, then a text saying the other, but the end result are no classes for me! Yet… Hopefully there is another one soon that I can sign up to.

The Bendigo Hotel

June 13, 2011

Just an update with my work at The Bendigo Hotel – if you want to cyberstalk my promotional activities for them, check out our website (not maintained by me though), our Facebook page and our Twitter! LinkedIn profile coming soon. Have already started to add a Facebook photo album of flyers and work on the new venue blurb… I can see this taking up lots of my time but I’m very excited!

A thank you is in order

June 13, 2011

This post may be a little bit late but I wanted to say thank you to Lix at Wealth & Hellbeing for doing this website for me! She also did the website for Paper-Deer. If you call yourself a musician, a publishing company, writer or recording studio and are in need of artwork, visual promotion or a neato website, I would highly recommend you get in touch. (And tell them I told you to!)

InDesign + Paper-Deer!

June 12, 2011

I am excited. Not only because it is a long weekend (which would be exciting except I don’t work an office job anymore so I had tomorrow off anyway) but because I’m enrolled to do a short course in Adobe InDesign at CAE in the city starting next week. This means I’ll be able to format the press releases I do rather than outsourcing to a designer (which sometimes adds times onto jobs).

The other exciting news is that the name “Paper-Deer” has finally been registered as a business name. I know this is something I should have done months ago, but it’s done now. So if you wanted to start a website called “Paper-Deer” trading in Melbourne… bad luck.

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